Inheritance law is one of our main concerns at Alzayat law firm. Which consists mainly of will and inheritance, which our team is an expert in. Especially matters of inheritance law that are of an international nature.

As for the will, every adult can benefit from an estate plan, including a last will and testament.

Our team is capable to assist you to create an estate plan. Our lawyers can craft a strategy, reducing estate taxes and helping ensure the financial security of your spouse and children. Additionally, our attorneys can also guide estate executors through the probate process.

As for the inheritance, we are available to assist in applying for an inheritance certificate. As well as advising on the division of shares and even execute a will if there is one.

Similarly, we can assist you in the event of the existence of a dispute between inheritors on each individuals’ rights, in that case, we are able to solve the issue by mediation or through litigation, whichever is most convenient at the time.

Furthermore, our highly qualified team can provide you with full assistance in the pre-emption and partition contracts issues, if you desire to sell your part of the estate in case of pre-emption which is resulted from inheritance.

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