Contracts Law

International contracts are an essential component of all business ventures. Whether you are a small, family-owned enterprise or a large-scale operation, the foundation of any organization rests upon its contracts.

Alzayat law firm contracts department consists of knowledgeable and experienced contract attorneys. More than competent in assisting you with your business contract needs, here in Egypt, or internationally.

Our service in this department includes:

  • Drafting contracts in accordance with your needs and goals.
  • Protecting your rights and ensuring smooth execution of your contractual responsibilities in accordance with
  • the applicable legal provision.
  • Resolving any disagreements arising therefrom.

When drafting contracts for a new or existing enterprise, it is necessary to predict future situations your business may encounter. Quality business contracts take into consideration a multitude of factors that may not be obvious to you as a business owner. Whether you are opening a sole proprietorship or entering into a partnership or embarking on a new endeavour in the course of an established business, you should seek the advice of a trained contract attorney to help you protect your rights and your business.

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