Criminal Law

When accused of a criminal charge, you need the peace of mind that only a skilled lawyer can provide. As we understand that facing the possible ramifications of a criminal conviction can be quite disturbing. Since criminal charges present the risk of stiff legal penalties. In addition to the possibility of a criminal record that can follow you for the rest of your life.

Going unrepresented should not be an option. as the stakes are too high.

Moreover, without the proper advice, you could unknowingly talk yourself into getting charged, arrested and/or convicted.

If you are being investigated or may be under investigation for a crime that allegedly took place in Egypt.

Our team consists of well-qualified trial lawyers who focus their practise on criminal defence work.

Alzayat Law firm’s experienced team of criminal defence lawyers will provide you with the strong legal defence that you need. Our team believes that there are many things an experienced and skilful attorney can do to resolve a criminal case before it results in charges and/or a trial, either of which could have a devastating effect on your life. If you have already been charged, however, our Attorney in Alzayat Law Firm provides the best representation you can obtain in Egypt.

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