Contract, The French Civil Code System “Code Napoleon”, which is based on a civil code that encompasses personal rights, the law of contracts, duties, and elements of civil responsibility, is comparable to the Egyptian legal system in many ways.
There are also particular codes dealing with other areas of law, such as the Business Code and the Code of Civil Procedures, which supplement the Civil Code in several areas of commercial law. These Codes primarily discuss private law and public law, which also encompasses administrative legal issues pertaining to the duties and judicial relationships of state organizations, whether such relationships be with one another or with private individuals.

Contracts and Their Specifics

Various codes, like the Business Code and the Code of Civil Procedures, complement the Civil Code in multiple commercial law areas. Primarily, these Codes delve into private and public law. The latter includes the administrative legal intricacies regarding the duties and judicial relationships of state entities. Such relationships can be inter-organizational or with private individuals.

Services Offered by ALZAYAT Law Firm

At ALZAYAT Law Firm, we specialize in offering counsel on a vast array of contracts. This includes contracts that touch on potential anticompetitive agreements and practices. Not only do we advise on the legal implications of commercial contracts, but we also guide clients on countering anticompetitive tactics wielded by suppliers, customers, or competitors.

Our Expertise in Commercial Law

Furthermore, our expertise extends to assisting clients with diverse commercial law contracts. This encompasses supply, joint ventures, partnerships, agency and distribution, franchising, logistics and warehousing, and more. Having forged many strategic alliances via joint ventures, we understand and champion alliances as pivotal business tools. Equally, we appreciate their role in our clients’ operations.

Understanding the Egyptian Civil Code

Under the Egyptian Civil Code No. 131 of 1948 (the “Civil Code”), a contract’s legal effects bind only its signatories. Hence, the stipulated rights and duties within the contract enforce solely upon them. Consequently, unless mutually agreed upon, such legal effects, whether rights or obligations, shouldn’t extend to third parties. This principle stands firm irrespective of whether obligations arise from formal or informal agreements. Many judgments uphold this foundational principle. Therefore, any party that breaches a contract bears the liability for it. Regardless of the contract type, our team stands ready to support you in upholding the pertinent obligations.


Opening the Egyptian Market to International Investors

The new Importers Registry Law (Law No. 7 of 2017) changed the Egyptian market. It lets international investors own up to 49% of shares in trading companies. Before 2017, all importers had to be Egyptian. Now, we help our clients get import and export permits at the General Organization of Export and Import Control (GOEIC). We also assist factories, producers, or trademark owners to register products.

Navigating International Business Transactions

International business follows many rules, treaties, and practices. We offer advice to clients in cross-border business.

Our Comprehensive Approach to Legal Challenges

Our legal team helps clients with both company and personal bankruptcy. We work with financial consultants, receivers, and special administrators. Our services include making debt agreements, getting approvals, and researching company details. We also help clients in court.


Tasks and Responsibilities of Our Contract Lawyers

Our contract lawyers focus on crafting, assessing, and safeguarding our clients’ contractual rights. They know what’s needed to make sure a contract stands up in court. Therefore, they guide businesses and individuals, inserting necessary clauses and demystifying legal terminology.

Anticipating and Addressing Disagreements

When creating contracts, it’s common to forget about future disagreements. Questions might pop up, like which laws will govern or how disputes will be handled. Hence, it’s wise to think about these issues upfront. Our lawyers can guide on clauses related to jurisdiction, litigation, and arbitration.

Specialized Contract Services

Besides general contract work, our lawyers have niche expertise areas. They’re familiar with local contract laws and conditions. Thus, they help clients with a variety of contracts ranging from commercial deals, sales agreements to intellectual property, including licensing. Moreover, we’ve got experts specializing in tax contracts, covering a range of topics from employment agreements to diverse tax matters.

Why Proper Contract Review is Crucial

When penning down contracts, it’s essential to go over each term. Taking legal advice can save you future headaches. One of the vital components in contracts is specifying the laws and where disputes will be settled. Neglecting this can lead to issues. Simply lifting terms from another contract isn’t a good idea. Our lawyers are here to ensure clarity and protection.

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