In the age of globalization, and in a world where borders between countries and cultures are almost non-existent, the chances of individuals marrying foreigners are increasing. For foreigners in Egypt, marriage procedures can be a very complicated maze. This is the exact moment the importance of the international marriage services of AlZayat Law Firm shows. Whereby AlZayat Law Firm provides the legal assistance you need to take all the necessary legal procedures and prepare and extract all the required documents so that the marriage takes place in a legally correct manner that preserves all rights and duties.
As for the required documents to officially legalize the marriage of foreigners in Egypt
The Egyptian party:
1- A copy of a valid national ID card
2- 5 photos (4 x 6)
3- Certified health certificate
4- Single Affidavit (In case the Egyptian party is the husband)
The foreign party:
1- The approval of the Embassy for the marriage and its legalization by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
2- A valid passport with residency
3- A certificate from the Embassy to clarify the marital status, religion, and the absence of a legal impediment to get married
4- A copy of a valid passport
5- 5 photos (4 x 6)
On the other hand, our team is distinguished in dealing with international marriage procedures, if one of the parties is not Egyptian and also if one of the parties lives outside Egypt. We at AlZayat Law Firm can also assist you in registering the marriage contract inside Egypt, if it took place outside it, or if one of its parties is not Egyptian.
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