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Foreign companies are allowed to open branches in Egypt to carry out construction work, establish hotel management, commercial use, financial gains, and finally, industrial activities or generally to execute works of contractual nature.

The Company should make a Power of Attorney for the lawyer that will proceed with the formalities to create the branch.

The Company should appoint someone as a Branch Manager for the Egyptian Branch, and to legally give him the power to represent the Company in all matters related to its activity and existence, to handle matters of complicated or specialized nature such as taxes, and legal disputes.

Afterward, the foreign company, or its attorney, will apply to the competent commercial registration office for registration of a branch with the following documents:

1) A Certificate from the Egyptian Registry of Commerce stating that the Name of the Company is not in confusion with another Company.

2) A copy of the Company's decision to create a Branch in Egypt.

3) A copy of the Company's Statute or an extract from the Registry of Commerce of the Company.

4) A copy of the Company's decision appointing a Branch Manager in Egypt, a copy of the decision, and a copy of the appointed manager's passport.

5) The original and 3 copies of the bank certificate stating that the equivalent of 5000 EGP has been transferred to the Branch's Account in an accredited Egyptian Bank.

6) The original and 2 copies of the rental/buying contract of the office of the branch in Egypt.

7) A statement from the Company that it has never created a Branch in Egypt, ratified by the Egyptian Embassy, and the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

8) A request from the Company addressed to the President of the Investment services department.

*Please note that: All presented documents must be in Arabic and ratified by the Egyptian Embassy and the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

All Procedures will take place in the General Authority for Investment.


According to the provisions of Article 312 of the Egyptian Corporate Law, the Branch should notify the corporate department, three months before the end of the financial year, with the following:

Legal rules: According to the provisions of Article 309 of the Companies Egyptian Law regarding the establishment of the branch of a foreign company in Egypt.

Not permissible for any foreign companies conducting activities in Egypt only after the establishment of a branch, under the provisions of the existing law in the commercial register, the company is committed to notifying the public administration of the companies of the leaves of registration in the commercial register, to be recorded in a special register prepared for this purpose.

Administratively, the branch of a foreign company in Egypt, which has been practiced its activities without following the procedures set forth is closed.

1. A copy of financial statements and the auditor's report.

2. Managers' names and their nationalities.

3. The number of workers and their jobs, nationalities, and total salaries, and clarify the salaries of the Egyptians Employees.

4. Profits and the share of workers.

Establishment duration: The period of ending procedures for registration of the branch of the company usually takes about 2 to 3 months to complete.

The expected registration expenses fees of a foreign branch are about L.E 500 of documenting the company papers, and the bank certificate equivalent to 5000 Egyptian pounds free currency at the official rate in the name of the branch.

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