Child Custody

Child Custody One of the most sensitive issues in divorce, especially of an international nature, is the issue of child custody. Where there is always conflict between the separated couple over the entitlement of each of them to custody of the minor child. A sensitive issue such as that may be vague to non-legal or foreigners, but with the informed legal assistance provided by AlZayat Law Firm, the fair application of the provisions of the law is guaranteed.

Many of the pioneers of family courts, husbands and wives, are under enormous pressure due to marital disputes and the difficulty of obtaining their rights, due to their lack of knowledge of the rules followed in family law matters, and here at Egypt first international Law Firm AlZayat law firm  we give you the necessary legal answers to respond to them.

Child Custody Law in Egypt – Alzayat Law Firm: Expert Legal Advice

Child Custody Law No. 20 of 1929, amended by Law No. 100 of 1985, is the law regulating child custody in Egypt, where the law states that the right to custody of women ends when the minor child reaches the age of fifteen, and then the judge gives the boy or girl after reaching this age the choice to remain in the custody of the custodian mother without Custody support, until the minor child reaches the age of majority and until the minor girl gets married.

The law also added that the principle in the matter of custody belongs to women for their ability to raise children and their knowledge of what a child needs more than men, and accordingly, custody is a mother’s inherent right, and no one disputes it until the boy dispenses of women’s services. The law also stipulated that the custodian must be trustworthy of the child, and that the child would not be lost with her.


Child Custody

As for the custody of the mother after her marriage to a foreigner, it must be linked to the interests of the child in custody, because the interests of the father and mother are not considered except within the scope of the interests of the child in accordance with the objective authority of the judge.

If the mother is deceased, not eligible for custody, or she suffers from a reason that hinders her from supporting a child, the custody arrangement goes to the mother’s mother, then the father’s mother, then the mother’s sister, then the father’s sister, then the mother’s aunts, then the father’s mother, then the father’s grandmother, then the father.

Child Custody

Article 152 of the Personal Status Law also specifies cases in which the custodian’s right to custody is forfeited, with the following statement:

  1. Reasonability – maturity – honesty – ability to raise, and caring for the child, safety from serious infectious diseases – unless she/he has been convicted of a crime of honour
  1. If the custodian is a woman, she must not be married to a man other than the child’s father, and she must be of the same religion as the child. She must have the same religion as the child.
  2. The travel of the custodian of the child will be forfeiting the custody if the other party is unable to carry out his duties, so the legislator stipulated to drop the custody here that the move be with the intention of permanent residence, so there must be a justification and compelling reason for this move and settlement as is the case when the father’s work is transferred to another country or Another place, provided that the mother is guaranteed to facilitate her travel to that country to see the child in custody.
  3. If the person entitled to custody remains silent about his claim for a period of six months without an excuse
  4. If the new custodian lives with someone whose custody is forfeited for a reason other than physical disability

Child Custody

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Child Custody

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