Foster Care/Kfala

In Egypt, whenever a child is found without parents willing to parent and take care of him. There is a system inspired by the Islamic Sharia’a known as the “Kafala” system. Which is different from “adoption” simply in the way where if the child has known biological parents, he should remain related to them, even if they never meet. Additionally, the child cannot inherit by the power of law, but by a written will from the parents.

Families may choose private foster-care for a number of reasons. You may have connections with pro-life groups who regularly encourage women to choose to offer their children up for foster care as an alternative to abortion. Perhaps a close friend has passed away, children are left without a home, and foster-care is often the best opportunity for relatives to take care of abandoned children. And if you are invited to the ministry to take care of an orphan, Alzayat International Law Firm in Egypt is here to help you on this journey as well.

That being the case, Kafala has been the choice of many families welcoming a new member to their family. However, a number of procedures and documents need to be prepared for the “Kafala” as well as conditions to be fulfilled.

For instance, it’s the original rule but it can be subject to exception, the family’s religion must be the same as that of the child, and one of the spouses must be Egyptian. Also, the family consists of a married couple. The foster parents must meet the criteria of moral and social maturity, based on social research carried out by the competent social department and the competent association or civil institution. And their marriage has passed at least 3 years, and the age of each of them should not be less than 25 years and not more than 60 years.

Alzayat International Law Firm’s kafala team is equipped with the knowledge and experience as well as governmental connections. Allowing us to facilitate all of this operation, so that you can be able to welcome a new member of your family. Our team can also get you the number of exceptions needed to be fit for the “Kafala”. Since that Alzayat kafala team in Cairo Egypt has a bright record of successfully assisting families in Egypt and abroad welcoming a new member to their family through “Kafala”.

Alzayat International Law Firm is specialized in foster-care “Kafala” matters both nationally and internationally.