Sole proprietorship

The Sole Proprietorship is a company the capital of which is fully owned by Sole proprietorship whether natural or legal in such a way that does not contradict the objective thereof. The founder of the company shall not be held accountable for its liabilities except within the limits of the capital allocated therefor
The main authority that governs establishing all types of companies in Egypt is the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones. One of the types of companies in Egypt under Law No. 159 of 1981, is the said company.
Introducing the Sole proprietorship Company is a new type of company in the Companies Law No. 159 of 1981 after making its last amendments in 2018; as by this type of company, the small investor becomes able to establish a company in Egypt, on his own, a company in a unique form of companies.
Sole proprietorship Company is a company that is owned by a single person, whether natural or a legal entity, within the purposes that it’s established for, and the owner of the company shall be liable only for the company’s obligations unless within the allocated shared capital.
The one-person company needs only one partner or founder, so the opportunity to the small investors to own a company without the need to obtain a certain number of partners or shareholders. Since a one-person company is the owner-partner in which is liable for its share only by the amount of the company’s capital.
There is another advantage for the Sole proprietorship Company is that the decision is making within the company as the owner of a one-person company exercises all the powers granted to the board of directors and the powers of the ordinary and extraordinary general assembly, being the only partner.
Establishment of a one-person company by one natural or legal entity only. Thereafter, any more partner in the company shall not be a one-person company.
The founder shall establish a company in Egypt by himself or by his representative by submitting an application to the Authority. Each company shall have its regulation including its name, purposes, the data of its founder, duration, and managing system, the address of its head office, branches, the amount of its capital, and the company liquidation. And any data mentioned by the Executive Regulations.
An approval from the prime minister or the competent minister is required if the founder of the company is a public law person.
Paid the company’s capital in full prior to the establishment of the company.
In case of the founder dealt with the capital to a natural or legal entity, it is a must to amend the company’s data and the commercial register within a period not exceeding three months from the date of the deal, in accordance with the procedures and rules specified by the Regulations. In all cases, the act shall not be effective against third parties except the date of registration in the commercial register.
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