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Our media lawyers experts work with media companies, TV personalities, publishers, authors, music artists, directors, producers, film production companies, galleries and more.

OUR media lawyers in the ever-changing media and entertainment world, cleverly structured arrangements can positively influence the ultimate success of any project ,they have the best way to quickly resolve disputes or avoid them altogether, for that reason we have media specialists covering a broad range of legal issues, from corporate to dispute resolution. Each of our lawyers has an excellent reputation in the industry and many years’ experience working with the sector. They are noted in leading legal directory  The Legal 500  ,  and  Global Law Expert  as best experts in this field.

media lawyers in Egypt

Our media lawyers specialists provides advice to the sector on issues relating to advertising and marketing, intellectual property, joint venture agreements, licensing agreements, regulatory matters and commercial contractsas well we help our clients across platforms and industries navigate some of the law’s most challenging issues—during the editing process and in court.

litigation, counseling, and regulatory services for the whole range of publishers, service providers, and disseminators of information, including the traditional services, but also including the protection of information and the use of information (data security and data breaches), E-commerce, cybercrimes, domain name issues, jurisdictional issues relating to Internet based claims of copyright and trademark infringement, and licensing agreements, we counsel media companies on newsgathering issues and work closely with colleagues in our nationally recognized Intellectual Property Department to protect our clients’ rights in their content, copyrights, trademarks, and patents.

our media lawyers  attorneys are at the forefront of advising clients about legal issues surrounding .

  • purchase and option of screenplays, writers’ agreements, development financing and other development agreements
  • Financing – international co-productions, multi-party financings, interparty and security arrangements, tax credits, tax efficient structures and refinancing
  • Production – talent arrangements, location and studio agreements, music composing and licences, footage clearance, releases, post production services and facilities, first look deals
  • Union issues
  • Rights Exploitation
  • Distribution – Egypt and international distribution deals, sales agency terms, digital media and ancillary rights, format rights
  • Talent – actor, director, writer and individual producer agreements,
    Commercial, copyright and other rights issues
  • Libel, Defamation

our media clients 

Our clients range are journalists , international news and entertainment companies, and our experience spans both traditional and new media. We advise broadcasters, internet companies, interactive media, newspapers, studios, entertainment and advertising firms, directors and producers, sports teams, authors, filmmakers.
we are representing mainstream publishers and broadcasters with regard to media liegal rights , defamation and invasion of privacy lawsuits, and occasional copyright or trademark issues.

media lawyers  for production in egypt

Alzayat law firm is experienced in the field of media law, as well as intellectual property.

Our services for cinema production companies include but are not limited to:

  • Setting up and establishing all kinds of cinema production companies.
  • Extracting membership of the cinema industry chamber.
  • Extracting, or modifying cinema practice and art production license.

Additionally, we can help register stories, scenarios, and dialogue related to artworks in the general authority of artworks censorship.

As well as drafting contracts of artists related to art and cinema works. In addition to drafting contracts of technicians related to art and cinema work.

Extracting all permits from:

  • The Syndicate of cinematic works for the commencement of cinematic works.
  • The Syndicate of scenic professions for the commencement of cinematic works.
  • A syndicate of musical professions for the commencement of cinematic works.

the ministry of interior related to artworks photography all over the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Further, our team is competent in assisting you in notifying security directorates and police stations existing in the area of artworks photography before work commencement, as well as helping with film registering in the Egyptian chamber of the film industry and extracting all permits for cinema displaying.

Moreover, our team helps the firm’s clients to draft contracts of internal and external distribution of cinematic works, as well as contracts to register in the Egyptian chamber of the cinema industry.

On the other hand, as per intellectual property and dealing with the general authority of artistic works censorship, our team can assist you in Registering stories, scenarios, and dialogue of artistic works registering songs and tunes, registering radio program ideas.

All of the above has the purpose of ensuring that your artwork is well protected by the law and that you own every legal right arising therefrom.

For any legal inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.