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at alzayat law firm the saftey from the divorce consequences which in general, constitutes a serious number of concerns for its parties as a result of the uncertainty of its results and its effects on the future life of the spouses and their children.

These concerns are multiplied in the case of divorce of an international nature, because of the fear of losing rights due to the application of a law other than that of your nationality for example.

Here, the distinguished team of AlZayat Law Firm specializes in international family law, armed with experience and knowledge to provide you with the peace of mind you are looking for and strive in every way to preserve all your rights.

international divorce services 

the international divorce lawyers at alzayat international law firm are very will accoubied to serve International and local divorce as the divorce services is one of the main services provided by AlZayat Law Firm. We also provide a distinguished quality of legal services designed specifically for international divorce cases.

international divorce case’s 

These cases are often very complex and confusing, even for experienced attorneys familiar with the laws of the local jurisdiction starting from choosing the appropriate law to apply to the case of divorce, custody, or other family law matters. As it often happens that one of the parties files a lawsuit, and after a lot of time has been wasted and a lot of expenses have been paid, the court rejects the lawsuit because it does not have jurisdiction to judge on it.

international divorce recognition

For this, it is necessary to make sure early for the validity of your claim and your right to file it in the court to which you intend to submit your case.
AlZayat Law Firm is a company that operates throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt, with the ability to provide clients with informed legal assistance and sound advice.
We are committed to afford lawyers and support staff to provide you with a legal service with the attention you deserve during this difficult time.

divorce conjunction’s 

On the other hand, in conjunction with obtaining a divorce, you will also determine, child support, child custody and visitation, regardless of any injunctions for other issues apply to your case. We also help you to amend the orders and rulings if the divorce has already taken place.
We conduct divorce procedures, proving it and registering it in all cases: whether the two parties agree to divorce, or in complex divorce cases when one of the parties does not agree, in case you have problems that are difficult to solve or in the event that it is impossible for the parties to agree, we have a lot to offer you.

divorce negotiations

Often times we resort to negotiations and get to solve the problem easily. On some occasions you must take urgent or proactive measures to bring a case to court. In such circumstances, we must act quickly and decisively using a robust plan of action to secure the best possible outcome.

divorce options 

 If you are at a point unsure of how to proceed, we can also help you decide if there are other paths available to take. These pathways may include mediation, where you and your partner can come to an understanding about the steps you need to take. You can also initiate your legal procedures through a power of attorney without the need to come in person to Egypt in the event that your permanent residence is in another country.

alzayat international divorce attorneys 

Over the years, the family law team at AlZayat Law Firm has handled hundreds of the most difficult and complex divorce cases in Egypt Our specialist international divorce lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with disputes of this nature and are ranked in  The Legal 500  , hg.org  and  Global Law Expert  as best experts in this field.

In complex divorce cases, it is important to have an attorney who knows how to find the important details surrounding your case. The hard work of all lawyers, paralegals and support staff at AlZayat Law Firm always translates into positive results, especially in family and divorce cases. The team of lawyers with years of experience in AlZayat Law Firm will guide you through the complex process of dividing the assets that is not applicable in Egypt, where they will direct you to use judgments issued by foreign courts in your favour. At AlZayat law firm, our team is highly qualified in caring and understanding international divorce cases and is always ready to assist you.

For any legal inquiries you mght have related to divorce , please do not hesitate to contact us.

Alzayat Law is a full-service law firm that specializes in international divorce, lawyer services in Egypt. We understand the complexities of international divorce and the nuances of international family law, and we are committed to providing our clients with legal advice and support tailored to their individual needs. Our experience with international divorce, lawyer services in Egypt, allows us to efficiently navigate the unique circumstances of each case and its specific issues. We provide comprehensive legal help to clients from around the world in their family law matters throughout the region, no matter where the other party resides. Our experienced international divorce lawyers in Egypt strive to ensure the best results for our clients, dealing with all relevant legal matters quickly and carefully. With our help, clients can feel secure that their international divorce matters will be managed with the professionalism and respect they deserve.