Establishing a Joint Stock Company

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Establishing a Joint Stock Company in Egypt According to the provisions of Law no.159 for the year, 1981 amended by law no. 3 for the year 1998, It could be also established according to investment Law no. 8 for the year 1997 taking into consideration the abolished tax exemptions related to this law, provided that the issued capital is at least LE 250,000 out of which 10% should be paid when establishing the company. The capital should be increased to reach 25% during a period of 3 months after obtaining the commercial registry, noting that the capital should reach 100% within 5 years.

Documents Required for Establishing a Joint Stock Company In Egypt.:

  1. Bank Certificate: A certificate of deposit indicating 10% of the company’s capital.
  2. Identification:
    • Photocopies of Identification Cards or passports of founders or the company’s owner.
    • Birth certificates for any minors involved.
  3. Power of Attorney: This should be issued from the company’s founders.
  4. Rent Contract: The original contract must be in the name of the new company and should be obtained after the companies have been finalized.
  5. Commercial Registration: This registration should have its date recorded in the real estate registry. This is necessary for obtaining the company’s tax card.

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Establishing a Joint Stock Company In Egypt

Legal rules according to Law No. 159 for the year 1981:

  1. Issued Capital: The minimum limit is two hundred and fifty thousand Egyptian Pounds. Interestingly, foreigners can contribute up to 100%.
  2. Board of Directors: There should be at least three members. Notably, all board members can be foreigners.
  3. Membership Guarantee: Each member must have shares worth at least 5000 Egyptian Pounds.
  4. Experienced Members: Up to two board members might not meet the shareholding quorum but must bring valuable experience.
  5. Founders: A minimum of three individuals or entities is required. All individual founders must possess legal capacity, and entity founders should have distinct legal status.
  6. Share Value: Each share’s value ranges between 5 and 1000 Egyptian Pounds.
  7. Capitals:
    • Authorized capital can’t be more than ten times the issued capital.
    • Paid-up capital must be at least 10% of the issued capital.
    • Monetary shares should cover at least 25% of the issued capital.
    • In-kind shares can’t exceed 75% of the issued capital.
  8. Company Name: It should reflect its purposes, and it cannot use the names of its partners.
  9. Minor Participation: Minors can join if they use their funds, but court permission is necessary.
  10. In-kind Capital Shares: A committee from the General Authority for Investment evaluates these.
  11. Public Subscription: If shares are offered to the public, the issued capital must be at least one million Egyptian Pounds.
  12. Bearer Shares: The articles of association can allow for bearer shares, up to 25% of total shares, but they must be fully paid.

Duration and Expenses:

Establishing the company typically takes between one to one and a half months. Lastly, the establishment expenses will vary based on the company’s capital, with specific fees detailed in the financial proposal.

Procedures for Establishing a Joint Stock Company:

  1. Contract Submission: Start by submitting the establishment division to be reviewed and completed with the Authority’s attorney.
  2. File Submission: Hand over the file to the designated person responsible for the company’s establishment. They will oversee:
    • Assessment procedures
    • Liaison with multiple bodies including:
      • Lawyers Syndicate
      • Capital Market Authority
      • Registered Office
      • Chambers of Commerce Union
      • Commercial Registry
  3. Completion: Once all steps are followed, procedures conclude. Notably, the concerned party can then obtain the register at the commercial registry within just 2 working days.

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