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It allows you to get legal advice from experts and specialists in law.
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Information about Egyptian law that you are interested in knowing their

  • Do you know that Egyptian law punishes the abortion of a fetus if it is less than four months old
  • Do you know that Egyptian law does not require a doctor to cure the patient he treats, as long as he did everything he could?
  • Do you know that the hangover should choose to take criminal responsibility and confess all the crimes he committed while drunk
  • Do you know that Egypt, in 1920, created the first family law to look into the affairs of family matters under the name of personal status law?
  • Do you know that Egypt contains eight courts of appeal in each Alexandria, Cairo, Assiut, Qena, Tanta, Beni surf, Ismailia, and Mansoura?
  • Do you know that the newborn takes the Egyptian nationality as long as one of his parents is Egyptian, even if he was born abroad?
  • Do you know that it is necessary to acquire Egyptian nationality that the father and mother be Egyptians at the time of birth? If they were
  • Egyptians and the Egyptian race ceased from them at birth; the newborn would not acquire Egyptian nationality.

Egyptian law is divided into several directions; we will mention the most critical rules:

  • Penal code
  • Employee law
  • Personal status law
  • Weapons and ammunition law
  • Anti-money laundering law
  • Taxes law
  • Child law
  • Military law
  • Insurance law
  • Financial leasing law
  • Special economic zones law
  • Administrative regulations of insurance law.
  • Capital market law.
  • Immigration law
  • State cases authority law.
  • Egyptian endowments authority law.
  • Anti-drugs law
  • Presidential election law.
  • Commercial fraud law
  • Customs exemptions law.
  • Criminal gain law.

What is legal advice?

Find legal answers: legal consultations help you overcome all problems you face or those who like to read about law and legal advice.

Legal advice is to know the opinion of the law on an issue or issue that may be the subject of disputes, and this advice is at the request of a particular competent person or a government agency to know the opinion of the law on the issue at hand. The task of the advisor is to find and clarify the legal solution.

Legal advice is to know the opinion of the law on an issue that may be the subject of disputes.

This advice is at the request of a particular competent person or a government agency to know the opinion of the law on the issue at hand. The task of the advisor is to find and clarify the legal solution.

The legal solution:

The specialist’s mention of the legal text is relied upon to answer the legal question.

Legal advice has several aspects that must be completed to become correct and integrated legal advice.

Find legal answers: the correct answer to legal advice requires stating the facts of this legal issue only, considering its chronological and logical order.
Legal advice is also essential for companies.

Governments and bodies engage in activities that necessitate addressing and taking care of legal issues.

The legal advisor to the government agency is the central pillar to achieve legal security for it, provide a legal opinion, representing the government agency in court, and provide appropriate legal support and advice on legal issues.

The importance of Find legal answers

Legal advice is one of the most important works of the legal profession that does not take its proper place in the practice of law practice, and the reason may be due to the lack of legal awareness of people who deal with lawyers.

There is also a problem in our societies where the problem is dealt with after its occurrence and is not thought to be dealt with in advance through preventive means, so we can be confident that legal advice does not receive sufficient attention and that it is prevention and that the lawsuit is the treatment and legal advice can be defined as a request Legal advice and opinion on a specific issue that may be the subject of discussion and dispute, through which the seeker of advice seeks to know his legal position through the assistance of legal experts.

Written consultation:

The counselor asks his question precisely and provides sufficient information in full with the submission of a copy of all papers related to the case available to him and answers the clarifying questions if needed.

After that, the counselor, during a specific period, provides a written consultation that specifies the data and answers and explains the Detailed issue as per law.

Written counseling is considered one of the best kinds of counseling, as the counselor can return to it at any time if he forgets any of its points.

This is in addition to the possibility of submitting it via e-mail, which facilitates communication between the counselor and the counselor, even if they are in different countries.

Oral consultation:

It is a verbal consultation provided through a meeting between the consulting requester and the legal advisor.

All papers and documents available to the counselor are reviewed, and clarifying questions are asked.

Details are examined about the facts so that the counselor has a detailed illustrative picture through which he can determine the situation.

He discusses with him orally all possible possibilities and how to solve them if they occur from a legal point of view.

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