Criminal law: All you need to know about this law

When you’ve been charged with a crime, you need Criminal law for the peace of mind that only an experienced attorney can provide. As we all know, the prospect of facing the consequences of a criminal conviction may be pretty frightening because criminal charges carry the danger of severe legal consequences. Furthermore, you risk having a criminal record that will follow you for the rest of your life. It should not be an option to go unrepresented because the stakes are very high.

Furthermore, if you don’t get the proper guidance, you could unintentionally charge, arrest, and condemn yourself.

If you are being investigated or believe you are being investigated for a crime in Egypt.

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Criminal law

Criminal law is concerned with the control and punishment of criminals.

This legislation encompasses what it means to commit a crime and how attorneys must prove violations.

It will also look into why penalties are required.

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6 Criminal Law Principles

Attorneys must observe the seven principles of criminal law while prosecuting criminals. The following are some of them:

Criminal law

Criminal law

Is it legal?

The only way to classify someone’s actions as criminal is if they are obviously against the law.

If you see someone kicking a dog and report them to the police, only to discover that there are no laws against such behavior, they will be let off the hook.

This concept guarantees that people are not penalized for behaviors that may appear illegal or immoral but are not.

It must be expressly specified in the law to be considered a crime.

Criminal Law Principles: Actus Reus

A crime involving a physical act, or the absence thereof, is known as actus reus.

A bank robber, for example, can be charged with the crime of robbing a bank if they begin to do so.

Actuaries do not consider the mental planning or awareness of criminal conduct.

To put it another way, if an attorney wants to establish that someone has committed a crime.

They must look into the actus reus or the person’s behavior in response to the charge.

Cause and effect

In law, the concept of causality refers to whether or not a person’s actions contribute to the outcome of an occurrence.

Is it your fault, for example, if you sell someone a few materials and they make a bomb?

This concept decides whether someone should face criminal charges due to their actions.

They may not be guilty if they had a part in the flow of events but were not directly involved in the crime.

Criminal Law about Injuries Sustained

The damage concept in criminal law evaluates whether unlawful acts caused genuine injury to others.

Arson, for example, will devastate a person’s property while also posing a bodily threat.

If an act does not hurt anyone, it is unlikely to be considered a crime by the judge.


Concurrence with Criminal Law is concerned with the interaction of actus reus and men’s rea and whether they agree.

In most cases, the physical act of committing a crime and the mental knowledge or purpose to carry out the crime must be in sync.

A crime with actus reus but insufficient proof that the individual is of sound mind – or knows what they’re doing – may not result in punishment, just as it did before.


Finally, the punishment component is the sixth fundamental of criminal law.

If someone is found guilty of a crime, their penalty must be proportional to their offense.

People must not only be punished for their crimes, but the penalty must also be appropriate to the severity of the offenses.

A pickpocket will be sentenced differently than a murderer.

Deterrence, incapacitation, rehabilitation, retribution, and restitution are the five distinct objectives for punishment. Deterrence refers to the idea that the prospect of punishment will make people less likely to conduct crimes.

By removing the offender from society, incapacitation eliminates the chance of future offenses.

Rehabilitation aims to change the offender’s conduct.

Victims and survivors benefit from retribution because they know the culprit has been punished.

Finally, restitution is a monetary penalty that might pay the costs of bringing a case to trial for the victims.

The most important thing

Criminal law

Criminal law

Our team comprises highly skilled trial lawyers who specialize in criminal defense.

Their legal writing and pleading skills, research and investigation skills, creative and analytical skills, legal knowledge, and practical experiences are all exceptional.

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Our staff thinks that an experienced and skilled attorney can do a lot to resolve a criminal matter before it leads to charges or a trial, both of which may be disastrous to your life.

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Our criminal law team offers a wide range of services, from investigating the case to interrogating witnesses.

To investigate case law, legislation, criminal codes, and procedural law. In addition to formulating a case strategy and building a defense, he is working with the prosecution to have the bargain challenged on lesser counts.

Aside from providing outstanding legal representation in all Egyptian criminal courts:

  • Circuit Courts
  • Misdemeanors and Courts of Appeal
  • The criminal justice system
  • The Court of Cassation is a court of appeals in the United States

Furthermore, AlZayat Law Firm’s criminal law section can act on the offense and is more than equipped to create cases against any aggressor of your rights.

In all types of criminal acts, such as threats, which may occasionally develop in poor work situations and are made in writing, verbally, or even online in violation of Egyptian penal law article 327.

In addition, our team can assist you in pursuing legal action if you suspect you have been a victim of fraud or any other type of cyber-crime under the new legislation on information technology offenses No. 175 of 2018.

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