Find A Quick Way To HSBC remote account opening

Opening an international HSBC remote account opening is one of the most important things that all investors in the world are looking for. Therefore, HSBC was established in Egypt in 1982 AD and was called the Egyptian Hong Kong Bank. In 2001, it was changed to HSBC, where the bank offers its customers many services, whether in the branch or on the Internet.

HSBC remote account opening

HSBC remote account opening

HSBC remote account opening

Many people are looking for how to open an international HSBC account as the procedures are very simple and easy, and anyone can follow the required guidelines wherever they are.

All international banks provide many opportunities for individuals to open new accounts, whether they are private accounts for individuals or accounts for companies. International banks provide all the steps that individuals can follow through their official websites and provide these steps in several different languages ​​for all groups.

HSBC strives to provide a variety of bank account services to satisfy all customers, and each customer chooses the option that best suits him to help him meet his needs.

This article will discuss how to an international HSBC remote account opening and find out the best services offered by HSBC.

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HSBC remote account opening

If you plan to travel abroad or have any financial obligations in any country, HSBC can help you. After all, the steps are straightforward because all you have to do is contact the International Services Department.

They will provide you with support, instructions, and the necessary documents until your HSBC remote account opens.

HSBC offers many international banking services to help you open an account.

In addition, it supports more than 17 countries where you can HSBC remote account opening, and these countries are

  • Hong Kong.
  • Arrivals in Jersey.
  • Macau Special Administrative Region.
  • New Zealand.
  • Sultanate of Oman.
  • Sri Lanka.
  • The United Arab Emirates.
  • Great Britain.
  • The United States of America.
  • Kingdom Saudi Arabia.
  • Among the services that will help you open an international account is HSBC.

leading service from HSBC remote account opening

HSBC remote account opening

HSBC remote account opening

Premier Service supports all previously available countries where you can get support anytime and anywhere at HSBC bank branches, and when you open a Premier HSBC remote account opening, you can enjoy many different and varied services, including

  1. The customer receives an automatic upgrade to HSBC Premier in all regions and countries using HSBC Banking Services.
  2. The customer has access to all HSBC Premier Accounts online, allowing them to make foreign currency transfers without commission, and these transfers are instantaneous.
  3. The customer is allowed to open an account before reaching the destination country.
  4. If the card is lost or stolen, the customer can replace it within one day, in addition to the possibility of receiving an advance payment of up to $2000 per day and perhaps more if the customer has more than that in the customer’s account.

Key Features of HSBC PremierBC

  • HSBC remote account opening: A current account can be opened in several currencies, including the US dollar, the UAE dirham, the euro, and the Egyptian pound.
  • Transfer money to Egypt, India, Pakistan, and the Philippines for free.
  • The customer receives a particular interest rate on time deposits.
  • The possibility of the customer obtaining an international debit card that can be used at more than 25 million merchants around the world, in addition to owning one million ATMs.
  • Free international money transfers can be made over the phone, through banking, or online. These transfers are made instantly via Global Transfer and Global View between the customer’s global HSBC accounts.
  • You can make automatic payments.
  • There are no monthly fees.
  • The customer can withdraw an overdraft of the value of your average monthly salary or a minimum of 50,000 dirhams without commission because the first 5,000 dirhams are interest-free.
  • You can get particular interest without processing fees when you transfer your loan to HSBC.
  • You can take full advantage of the updated exchange rates every 60 seconds.
  • You can conduct all your banking transactions for free, which is done through banking services either by phone or online and through text messages.
  • An opportunity for the customer to receive a free checkbook and use the service to stop a check in case of loss or theft.
  • Complimentary access to more than 1,000 airport lounges annually.
  • Free transfer from/to the airport, but not more than 100 dirhams per flight.
  • You can get travel insurance for you and your family members for free.
  • Provide reception within 24 hours.
  • Protect your card and transactions from unauthorized fraud.

HSBC Premier Credit Card

  • The ability to transfer the balance at 0% annually for up to 12 months to a new credit card.
  • Exemption from annual fees.
  • Interest rates are unique and competitive.
  • The ability to download the HSBC Entertainer app for free over the phone, where the customer when they buy something gets a free offer, in addition to the presence of more than 8000 offers in 15 different countries that the customer can enjoy
  • Air Miles Rewards, where you earn a point for every AED 1 spent on purchases anytime, anywhere with your HSBC Premier Credit Card.
  • You can access VIP airport lounges for free as well as unlimited visits for you and anyone with a supplementary card using Lounge Key.
  • Valet parking services receive four free visits per month at Caltrans locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Opening an international HSBC remote account opening in the UAE

HSBC remote account opening

HSBC remote account opening

To facilitate the move to the United Arab Emirates, can You create your HSBC remote account opening  before accessing this is done via:

  • The customer support team will contact you to inform you of the procedures required to obtain the Emirates ID.
  • A copy of the required papers and documents must be kept.
  • Do some internal procedures and checks.
  • When you arrive in the UAE, you will be contacted to assist you with free and exclusive HSBC services, and an interview will be scheduled to complete your account opening setup.

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After completing the necessary procedures to open the account, the bank will issue you a debit card in addition to receiving your credit card. Once you receive your Emirates ID, you can use your account as usual.