Law firms in Cairo: Optimum importance

Law firms in Cairo: Optimum importance

Law firms in Cairo: Egypt has a massive variety of attorneys who can help you with any felony problem. Some are outstanding, while others fall short. We have compiled a listing of Egypt’s pinnacle legal professionals and Law firms in Cairo based totally on customer satisfaction, tune records, the price for money, prison knowledge, expertise, and capability. So, except in addition to ado, have an appearance at Egypt’s most prominent attorneys and regulation corporations beneath and, if you like to share your thoughts with us, go away a comment.

Law firms in Cairo

Eldib & Co is an excellent regulation exercise specializing in an enormous variety of prison topics, including copyright, crook procedure, company law, business law, and even litigation and arbitration.

Eldib dates again to 1875, which skill they’ve considered all in the course of their lengthy records and is not going to be amazed by using something you throw at them.

Their latest song document is genuinely outstanding, as their gifted attorneys proceed to acquire practical consequences for their clients. Client pleasure is higher than virtually each different criminal practice in our poll.

Despite the truth that Eldib has been mounted for a lengthy time, one client noted that “they’ve now not misplaced their spark” because their legal professionals gained her a “complex” case that different regulation corporations had discarded earlier than Eldib took the chance. Eldib prices what you anticipate from an organization of this dimension and reputation in terms of cost for money, so it is nothing unusual.

Milad Iskander & Co., Maher Milad

Law firms in Cairo

Law firms in Cairo

Maher Milad Iskander is a customary and revered title in the Egyptian prison community. This company offers built-in criminal and tax offerings to people and businesses.

Their attorneys are skilled, informed, and kind, attempting to make their customers as pleased as possible. The number of instances Maher Milad Iskander was once referred to in our survey demonstrates how prominent and revered this association is.

Most of their clients had been thrilled with the carrier they received, and 86% mentioned they would refer them to others. With a music file and popularity like theirs, Maher Milad Iskander & Co is undoubtedly one of Egypt’s best.

Law firms in Cairo: Law of Al Farouq

Al Farouq outperformed all different regulation workplaces virtually in Egypt in phrases of competence, imparting almost every criminal provider imaginable, from crook regulation to household regulation to traveler and civil aviation law.

They also have five-star opinions over the internet, with patron remarks to again up these glowing recommendations. Whatever prison challenges you are dealing with, their attorneys will be capable of helping you in some way.

Clients often remarked on Cairo’s law firms’ dedication to the instances and how their attorneys will go above and above for them. Al Farouq does pretty well in terms of cost for money, especially given their modern run of top form, and fees are correctly inside market standards.

Helmy, Hamza & Associates

Next on our listing is an excellent company that additionally takes place to be a member of Baker McKenzie, the world’s 2nd most excellent regulation company. Helmy, Hamza & Partners is Egypt’s most skilled and fantastic company for high-profile mergers and acquisitions, mission finance, and capital markets.

This is the association name for huge deals, treaties, cases, and litigation. As you would expect, this company fees a lot of cash for their services. However, you get pleasure from Egypt’s attorneys in exchange. Their clients describe them as the “most professional, no-nonsense” regulation organization in the area.


Despite the reality that Tahoun is no longer as historic as some of the different regulation companies on this list, it managed to stand out at some point in our poll. We located a very desirable sample while speaking with their clients, each past and present.

Their clients have been no longer solely thrilled with their service; they are proud of it. Whatever Tahoun is doing to instill pleasure in their clients is impressive. They may additionally be up towards many different criminal corporations proper now. However, Tahoun appears to be on the verge of a leap forward success story.

Their attorneys are competent, experienced, and keen to help you. Then performs admirably in phrases of cost for money.

Law firms in Cairo: Law Office of Shalakany

Shalakany criminal association is subsequent on our list. Surprisingly, this is the 2nd organization on our listing to be over a century old. It is also a Lex Mundi member law firm in Cairo, an international community of prominent regulation law firms in Cairo.

The reality that Shalakany is a member of the Lex Mundi community by myself is a robust signal of its quality, as Lex Mundi solely accepts the most skilled and expert law firms in Cairo. Clients are tremendously delighted with Shalakany’s criminal services, according to our study, with 80% of respondents giving solely top feedback. Our survey’s typical “positive only” ranking is exclusively 30%, to put that into perspective. Pricing may additionally no longer be the first-class fee for the money.

Youssry Saleh & Associates

Law firms in Cairo

Law firms in Cairo

With over 30 years of experience, Youssry Saleh law firm in Cairo has constructed a stable recognition that continues to grow. They declare to be a full-service regulation practice in phrases of competencies, though many in the area trust their electricity is in industrial and enterprise law. According to our research, their attorneys are educated in their fields and go above and above for their clients.

Their latest song report is excellent, and many of their customers have claimed that they supply significant consequences in a well-timed manner. While this association is not as ancient as some of the others on this list, there may be no doubt that if they preserve up their excessive stage of provider and dedication to their clientele, they may discover themselves rising the ranks.

The Law Office of Ayman Sultan

While Ayman Sultan law firms in Cairo can also now not have the equal prestigious recognition as the different companies on our list, we covered it solely based totally on the outcomes of our survey. They stood out for all the good reasons, beginning with extraordinarily excessive ranges of patron satisfaction. Only 12% of consumers have been disenchanted with their service, with the majority ranking it as “very good” or “excellent.

” According to current findings, this prison practice is on the rise, as they gather extra expert legal professionals and acquire greater understanding and knowledge. Their expenditures are barely decreased than these of the different corporations on this list; however, they are appreciably over the Egyptian average. Foreigners are well-served in Egypt because they’ve carved out an area of interest for themselves. They’ve carved out a niche for themselves.

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