About Legal definition of cohabiting: The Single Most Important Thing You Need To Know

We will talk about the Legal definition of cohabiting: Perhaps one of the most critical challenges facing human societies today is how to deal with cultural, religious, and ethnic differences and differences.

 With the increasing frequency of incitement to violence and the perpetration of atrocities under religious and ethnic justifications, the issue of managing diversity, through coexistence industry, within a single society, or between human societies, has become a fundamental matter, not only for political decision-makers but for all members of the community.

From this point of view, the concept of coexistence has become one of the central concepts aimed at adequately managing diversity in human societies and turning it into a driving force to enhance social cohesion and achieve peace among the world’s peoples.

The legal definition of cohabiting

The legal definition of cohabiting is the language of those who coexist: that is, they live on intimacy. And Aisha lived with him, and living means life.

The concept that came in the form of linguistic “interaction” necessarily requires a cooperative relationship between two or more parties, with a difference between them or differences between them.

Facts about cohabiting

Legal definition of cohabiting

Legal definition of cohabiting

It should also be acknowledged that all the sacred texts and major human philosophies do not differ among themselves regarding the recognition and acceptance that human principles and values, such as human dignity and justice, are values ​​capable of conceiving cooperation and participation in their realization. At the same time, the intellectual and ideological difference remains, which is another Sunnah of the Sunnahs.

 Life and its facts; But, at the same time, it must also be agreed that it does not require coexistence between the owners of those different philosophies, religions, and references.

 To be at the expense of the waiver of the belief represents the individual’s reference to each of them. In other words, without compromise at the level of creeds and supreme authorities, there is a sufficient common space to activate the principle of the Legal definition of cohabiting.

Differences in the concept of coexistence

Of course, there are differences in how people view the concept of Legal definition of cohabiting while recognizing its necessity and living within its conditions as a guarantee of peace. But their theories of understanding coexistence in the light of the facts of reality and history differ according to the perspective of the intellectual vision between the different parties.

 This, of course, is the right of every current to choose strategies for understanding that fit its ideological or ideological perspective.

In the absence of this theoretical willingness to understand coexistence in any society or entity; The alternative would be: hatred, violence, and exclusion.

 Because the idea of ​​coexistence does not accept a vacuum; Either coexistence is the nature that expresses stability and peace, or symbolic and material violence and the resulting counter-violence and hatred will be resolved.

For the principle of coexistence to be achieved on the ground, there is a set of conditions and values ​​accompanying it, which must be present and supportive.

Conditions of coexistence

Knowledge is a necessary condition of coexistence societies; Because through knowledge and awareness, civilized societies understand their differences among themselves, on the one hand, and the differences of cultures other than them, and the related customs, traditions, and civilized environments, on the other hand.

Therefore, knowledge societies make their differences among themselves and others, rich material for the Legal definition of cohabiting, not material for conflict.

The second condition orders and we mean order here; The rules and laws that govern the nature of coexistence, so that coexistence becomes, in and of itself, its distinguishing mark in any society, through the applications of the system that frames and guards the pattern of concurrency and its prosperity in that society.

Values that support coexistence

The legal definition of cohabiting

The legal definition of cohabiting

Among the most important of these values ​​that support the legal definition of cohabiting principle is the importance of dialogue; dialogue is the title of the Legal purpose of cohabiting and the supreme expression of its significance. Instead, we can say that coexistence is multiple forms of dialogue, both verbal and silent. Also, dialogue is the first intellectual activity in society’s march towards coexistence.

Through dialogue, we can explore, evaluate and develop the opinions of the interlocutors continuously through thought, belief, and the other view. In short, we can say that the relationship between dialogue and coexistence is conditional. The existence of one of them necessarily requires the presence of the other, among the values ​​that support coexistence.

Value of respect

The value of respect is one of the manifestations of the Legal definition of cohabiting because respect is, in fact, a state of self-transcendence that requires its owner to observe the rules of coexistence.

Thus, respect becomes a supreme value in the social conscience, which is usually a value parallel to the value of the system and the law. It is also a Legal definition of cohabiting.

 The value of tolerance is linked to society’s ability to be reconciled with itself, and this reconciliation is expressed through diversity and plurality of different orientations among its sects. Tolerance in this way, too, is a sign revealing the existence of coexistence, a natural and not a formal presentation. In addition to these values, self-criticism is one of the most important fortresses of the principle of coexistence. The immunity of self-criticism that flourishes in societies of true coexistence will have a path that purifies the community’s health and the homeland from these impurities constantly.

The principle of coexistence

The principle of the Legal definition of cohabiting is no longer just an intellectual luxury confined to philosophers and intellectuals but rather a necessity to protect the future of humanity from the dangers of calls for hatred, violence, and exclusion on religious, sectarian, or ethnic grounds.

This calls for mobilizing the capacities of human societies and unifying their efforts to promote the path of coexistence as a universal human value that ensures the protection of diversity and enhances dialogue and cooperation.

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