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in house corporate counsel

  Monitoring and Legal Opinions Sector: Keeping Things Clear:

  • Firstly, we consistently check the company’s projects and operations to ensure everything runs legally. Additionally, we provide regular reports to the company leaders about any potential legal challenges.

    Furthermore, for any immediate legal advice, you can reach out to us, either over the phone or in writing.

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Alzayat International Law FirmMonitoring and legal Opinions Sector
in house corporate counsel Egypt's First international law Firm

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in house corporate counsel

Contracts Department: Making Good Agreements

Commercial Contracts Department, In this department, we draft and scrutinize all kinds of contracts. Not only do we handle those within the company but also with external partners. Moreover, when required, we’ll tackle the necessary paperwork for them. We also assist in crafting the essential rules and guidelines for the company.

Admin Investigation and Grievances Section: Keeping Things Right

Whenever there’s a suspicion, we delve into potential wrongdoings by the company’s workers. After our investigations, based on our findings, we determine the appropriate actions to take.

Litigation and Judgments Sector: Standing Up for the Company

Litigations Arbitration  Or Filling Law suites And even Criminal Charges, On the off chance the company faces legal challenges, we’re on standby to offer our expertise. In essence, our primary goal is to protect the company’s rights and interests.

Field Work Department: Working with Officials

For any operational requirements, we liaise with various agencies to obtain necessary papers and permissions. This not only involves working with local groups like the insurance authority and labor offices but also includes more specialized entities like investment zones.

Follow-up Section: Staying in Touch with Clients

Communication is our strength. Firstly, we ensure prompt responses to any queries, typically within a day. Secondly, our clients receive routine updates from us. Additionally, we keep them informed about any new governmental regulations. If there’s a need for legal representation, we’re ready to step in. Lastly, we believe in transparency; hence, we provide comprehensive reports about every task we undertake for the company.