Our services

  • Monitoring and legal Opinions Sector: The mission of this sector is to monitor the projects and commercial operations implemented by the company – the client – from a legal perspective on a regular basis to ensure the perfection of the company’s legal path in order to avoid future issues, in addition to submitting periodic reports to the board of directors on the company’s legal position.

In addition to providing all kinds of legal advice, whether over the phone or in writing, upon the company’s requests.

  • Contracts Department: concerned with drafting and reviewing all contracts, whether with third parties, or drafting and reviewing the company’s internal contracts such as work contracts and others, and registering them, if necessary, in addition to participating in the preparation and drafting of the bylaws and regulations issued by the company.
  • Administrative Investigation and Grievances Section: concerned with investigating the company’s employees in administrative violations and imposing the prescribed penalties for violations in accordance with the provisions of the law and of the company’s regulations.
  • Litigation and Judgments Execution Sector: The task of this sector is to take over cases and communications in which the company is a party and to take judicial measures to reclaim the company’s rights from third parties.
  • Field work department: related to the implementation of the company’s field work from the administrative authorities, by dealing with all governmental and non-governmental agencies, extracting documents and licenses required for the company, dealing with the General Authority for Insurance, labour offices and dealing with the General Authority for Investment and free zones, and any other body when it is required.
  • Follow-up Section: This section is concerned with following up on clients on a regular basis through: –

Reply to the inquiries of managers or employees of the company within 24 hours / 7 days a week.

Send reports of all previous sections to the client.

Following up the client with any new related reg

ulations or laws issued by the state

Representing the client before arbitral tribunalsPrepare a detailed report for each procedure and/or licensing that our office performs for the company, including (required documents – procedures followed – timeline).