Establishing LLC

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Establishing LLC company in Egypt

Establishing LLC (The Limited Liability Company )is the choice of many investors due to many factors, mainly the limited liability of its partners to the value of their shares in the company, meaning that all company debts cannot exceed the value of the shares of the partners and be fulfilled by their personal patrimony.

The company shall have a trading name for the purpose of its establishment and the name of the company may include the name or title of one or more of its founders.

A- Establishing LLC Registration :

Registration of the limited liability companies in the Commercial Registry and are subject to the supervision and inspection of GAFI.
Include the registration of the LLC in the Commercial Register.

B-Establishing LLC PURPOSES:

It is Prohibited for limited liability companies to carry out some activities in some areas like insurance, banking, savings, invest money for others, and investment management.
Apart from the preceding areas of activity, limited liability companies can carry out legal commercial activity similar to other business entities, subject only to the general limitations of applicable laws and regulations.

C- Establishing LLC MANAGEMENT:

In the eyes of the Egyptian law, LLCs can be managed (100%) by Foreigners, and there is no express provision indicating a maximum ceiling for ownership of capital by foreigners.
One person cannot own a limited liability company, under Egyptian law. Consequently, at least two partners are a must. With respect to management, thus the appointment of the managers is by the partners.
There may be one or more managers, and also it is not required to have an Egyptian manager.

D- Establishing LLC CAPITAL:

The minimum share capital required to form an LLC is 1,000 EGP. Divide the capital into equal shares, either in cash or in kind, and the value of each share must be at least 10 EGP.

E- Establishing LLC TAXES:

Due taxes include Taxes paid on company profits for the company. and if the company has shareholders outside of Egypt, the amounts paid by the owners of individual establishments and legal persons residing in Egypt and non-resident entities that have a permanent establishment in Egypt to non-residents in Egypt are subject to tax at a rate of 20%, without deducting any costs from them according to article 56 of Income Tax Law No. 91 of 2005.

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