Real estate license act Works Only Under These Conditions

Prime Minister confirmed that the building and planning requirements and the new licensing system had been approved, pointing out that the implementation of the new building requirements as well as the new licensing system will start in the cities that were selected for experimental application beginning May 1, 2021, for two months, The application will begin in Beginning July 1, 2021, the remainder of Egypt’s cities will be included.

Real estate license act 2021

Real estate license act

Real estate license act

It’s indicated that the construction work will be completed due to the valid licenses that were suspended and examined by the relevant committees and found conformity starting from April 15, 2020.

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Real estate license act

The “new construction” law aims to obtain licenses through an engineering office, in a period not exceeding 60 days, with establishing controls to ensure the construction safety of the building, as well as quickly confronting construction without a license or outside the urban estates, or not allowing construction at high altitudes.

What is the real estate license act 2021?

  • According to the real estate license act 2021, new licenses will not be allowed for occupancy, commercial or administrative activities in residential buildings, and the activity of residential units, with the prohibition of changing the activity of residential units for non-residential use.
  • Meters, and not permit construction on agricultural land or state property.

Real estate license act law 2021

The new real estate license act 2021? It also included the necessity of providing a garage inside the property to eliminate the problem of traffic congestion and congestion in the streets, with the requirement to paint the facades of the property as a prerequisite in the license.

Real estate license act news

The Prime Minister confirmed that a press conference would be organized before April 15, 2021, to announce the start of implementing the building requirements system starting from May 1, 2021, provided that the primary objectives of implementing this system are indicated.

New Building Permits Law 2021

Real estate license act

Real estate license act

In this context, we review the documents required to obtain new building permits – in light of Real estate license act amendments – which came as follows:

  • Certificate of validity of licensing work.
  • An official power of attorney in the name of the owner.
  • A copy of the national ID of the license holder.
  • Three copies of the engineering drawings of the land provided that are approved by the Egyptian Compound Office.
  • A copy of the land statement in terms of planning or conditions provided that the competent administrative authority issues it.
  • You are calculating the value of business costs.
  • A copy of the land ownership.

Conditions for real estate license act permits

The meeting also set several conditions for new building permits – in light of the recent building law amendments – that came as follows:

  1. Issuance of building permits for three years instead of one year, and the building permit becomes a binding contract between the state and the permit owner.
  2. The license assures that the Occupants Union will be activated and that the building permit system will be entirely governed, provided that the system is automated in all Egyptian governorates.
  3. The site’s construction validity certificate is specified for two weeks.
  4. They are preventing the dwelling unit’s activities from altering and raising penalties in the event of a violation.
  5. We extend the license’s validity term while utilizing the legal processes for obtaining the right through an engineering office.
  6. You are granting the Ministry of Agriculture executive authority to remove buildings outside the urban space.
  7. A month is required to notify the governor or the competent head of the authority and the administrative officer before implementation.
  8. The height of a residential structure varies between 4, 5, and 6 stories, depending on the entire area of the street, with the maximum size in Cairo areas being one and a half times the street width.
  9. Within the building area space, the minimum plot of land is 200 meters and not less than that. The construction percentage does not exceed 40% of the service activities prescribed in the competent authority’s criteria.
  10. Every property or structure must have a garage, either under or on any floor inside it, with automatically doubled parking spots.

New real estate license act procedures

This is in addition to several new procedures required to obtain building permits – in light of the recent building law amendments – which came as follows:

  • Activating the role of the Occupants Union means carrying out maintenance of real estate on an ongoing and periodic basis, which will reduce the scenario of real estate collapse.
  • Issuance of a site validity certificate for construction, the duration of which is set for two weeks.
  • Issuing building permits for three years instead of one year, and thus this matter is considered as a relief for the citizens.
  • They are preventing changing the activity of the housing unit and increasing penalties in case of violation.
  • You are activating the mechanisms created by the law to obtain a license through an engineer or an engineering office.
  • You are granting the Ministry of Agriculture an executive authority to remove buildings outside the urban space, to preserve the agricultural area from erosion.
  • The amendments to the Unified Building Law 119 of 2008 aim to overcome obstacles in obtaining building permits and regulate this matter by establishing a new mechanism for getting the Real estate license act.

Real estate license act (RELA)

Real estate license act

Real estate license act

It is permissible for development purposes only and according to the investment map, in the areas determined by the President of the Republic after the approval of the Council of Ministers, to dispose of free of charge in state-owned real estate, private ownership of investors who meet the technical and financial conditions that are determined by a decision of the Council of Ministers.

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