Representative office near me

Representative office is easier to set up than subsidiaries or branches. Despite this, are subject to some requirements that must be followed in order to comply with the latoelevant country.

Relevant country’s laws, aims, capital and head office abroad, the type of the office to be established in Egypt, its operations, capital and address in Egypt, and relevant information about the management, must all be included in the application.

Representative office near me

Representative office

Representative office

The representative office near me must be managed by a management or managers who are not Egyptian citizens (s). The parent firm is in charge of the Representative office near me. Its operations may be investigated under the GAFI to ensure it strictly follows laws and regulations.

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Adherence to Egyptian Law

Foreign companies’ representatives must abide by Egyptian regulations, including those controlling companies, taxation, labour, social insurance, and foreign exchange control, while taking into account the following factors: It’s worth noting that representatives isn’t allowed to engage in taxable commercial operations like invoicing or trading in the company’s products.

Accounting & Filing

The Companies Department requires a Representative office near me to file annual reports with the Companies Department detailing the following information about its personnel: names, positions, nationalities, salaries, and total payroll earned by its Egyptian employees. Additional information about the representative office’s activities throughout the year may be requested.

is not lucrative and cannot be taxed because they do not engage in commercial operations. On the other hand, employees of representative offices are subject to income taxes because they are paid.


  1. A registration request addressed to the Head of the Investment Service on an official form developed for that purpose.
  2. A receipt from the Security Department admitting receipt of the foreign company’s and the office manager’s security verification forms.
  3. A certified Arabic translation of a summary of the foreign company’s articles of formation and statute. It’s worth noting that the articles of incorporation must be validated by the Egyptian embassy or consulate in another country.
  4. A copy of the foreign company’s Board of Directors’ decision approving the opening of an office in Egypt and the appointment of an Office Manager. On evaluating the original copy of the decision and its certified Arabic translation, the Egyptian embassy or consulate abroad, or the Authentication Office at the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, must certify the decision.

Information about the Representation Office Manager:

  • If the manager’s nationality is Egyptian, A copy of a power of attorney validated by an Egyptian embassy or consulate overseas or by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Authentication Office (upon review of the original copy).
  • A copy of the Representative office near me lease contract, provided that the contract is date-registered at the Notary Public and Registration Office.
  • A copy of the receipt confirming payment of the office registration costs of L.E1000 (one thousand Egyptian pounds). This money will be returned if foveal to operate.
  • A bank certificate sent to t, this money will be returned to GAFI Investment Service Division demonstrating that the representative office has a balance in foreign currency equivalent to L.E5000 transferred from outside.

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Without engaging in commercial operations or commercial agency activities, foreign firms are authorized to open Representative office near me or liaison offices, scientific or technical offices, and other offices to conduct market research or determine the feasibility of manufacturing. Subsidiaries and branches are more difficult to establish than representative offices. Despite this, representative offices must adhere to specific regulations to comply with the country’s laws in question.

The application must include the company’s name, nationality, goals, capital, and head office abroad, the type of office to be formed in Egypt, its operations, money, and address in Egypt, as well as important information about the management.

What is the purpose of a Representative Office?

A Representative office near me is a business office that a corporation establishes in a foreign country or jurisdiction where the company does not yet have a license to undertake marketing and other non-transactional operations. Firms typically employ representative offices to source items on foreign land.

Representative Office’s Importance

People often mix up branches and offices, yet they are different organizations. When a corporation builds a branch in a new location, it is permitted to engage in selling and buying items, signing contracts, delivering services, and constructing structures, but a representative office is not permitted to do so.

It serves as a link between headquarters and offices in other locations and a quality control center.

A Representative office near me also conducts commercial research and reports back to the primary office. If the company is preparing to offer a product in a specific market, this office can perform market research to understand the market better.

A representative office can also promote items at trade shows and even show samples of products at trade shows and in their offices. Although this office is unable to acquire things, it is able to purchase and store a quantity of goods for trade shows.

Representative Office as an Example

However, establishing this office is easier for a firm than establishing a branch because they are not used for actual business, and hence countries have less motivation to control them. A branch office has far more authority to conduct business in a given area than a Representative office near my office. In nations with emerging markets, these offices are primarily used by firms from established countries.

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