Copyrights registration

Copyrights registration

In this day and age of the internet, the world is a very small place, and work can be copied easily. Your work must be officially copyrighted to deter plagiarism, and to prove you are the original creator/author in the event that someone accuses you of copying their work, or when somebody copies your work.

A Look at Copyright Infringement

Copyright issues vary. For authors, it’s a blow when others unlawfully share their works. This act lets the author go to court, demanding the work’s removal. Plus, they can ask for damages and any earned profit by the wrongdoer, contact us now best lawyers in Egypt are here to help.

ALZAYAT Egypt’s first International Law Firm: Your IP Defender

Top corporate lawyers in Egypt, Protecting our clients and their works is what we do at ALZAYAT Law Firm In Egypt. One way is by issuing an official certificate.

Egypt in the Global Copyright Scene

If a work starts in Egypt, either by a local or if it’s first shown there, it gets the same protection as in Berne Convention countries. Simply put, the Berne Convention is a big deal in copyright. It began in Berne, Switzerland, in 1886.

Egypt’s IP Laws: Past and Present

Egypt set up laws to defend brand and copyright holders from misuse. The first laws were Law no. 57 of 1939 and Law no. 354 of 1954. They shielded brands and copyrights. Later, Law no. 82 of 2002 came, covering even more, like patents and designs.

Closing Thoughts

Copyright is tricky. It needs deep understanding and care. At ALZAYAT Law Firm In Egypt, we’ve got both. We’re here, ready to protect what’s yours.

Copyrights registration

Proving you own copyright on work is much more difficult than you may imagine. Registering original files with a date & time stamp, alongside information about the work and proof of work concept and development, means that you have unequivocal proof of authorship & ownership.

Therefore, our team of Best Lawyers In Egypt, specialized in intellectual property Law will help you to enforce actions and civil claims as effective tools for the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in Egypt in case your copyrights were a subject of infringement.

Also, and in case you were into starting a new project and you want to protect your own work, we can help you to finish all the possible proceedings and have your Copyrights registered and protected by the Egyptian intellectual property Law provisions.

Copyrights registration In Egypt

At ALZAYAT Law Firm, our main policy is directed towards the protection of acquired rights and the encouragement of investments in Egypt by ensuring the restitution of the rights derived from the successful practices and businesses, that’s why Our specialist are ranked in The Legal 500 ,  and Global Law Expert  as best experts in this field.

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