International divorce

international divorce

Divorce in general constitutes a significant number of concerns for its parties because of the uncertainty of its results and its effects on the future of the spouses and their children. These concerns are multiplied in the event of an international divorce, for fear of losing rights due to the application of a law other than that of your nationality, for example. Our elite divorce attorneys at ALZAYAT Law Firm specialize in international family law, armed with experience and knowledge to provide you with the peace of mind you seek and strive in every way to preserve all your rights.

International Divorce is among our core services within ALZAYAT Law Firm while providing a distinctive quality of legal services tailored to International Divorce cases.

These cases are often very complex and confusing, even for lawyers who have years of experience and strong knowledge of local laws. Seeing that the choice of the appropriate law applicable to divorce, custody or any other family law is the most crucial decision, because it often happens that a party files an appeal and after a lot of time and so much expense , the court dismissed the claim for lack of jurisdiction. This is why it is necessary and important that you first check the validity of your lawsuit and your right to present your lawsuit in the court where you intend to present your plea.

Our ALZAYAT Law Firm team operates throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt, with the ability to provide clients with comprehensive legal assistance and sound advice.

We are committed to providing legal assistants and a support team to provide you with our legal service with the attention you deserve throughout this difficult period.

On the other hand, as part of obtaining a divorce, you will also need to determine spousal support, child support, child custody and visitation, and any injunctions for other cases that apply to you, and we will also help you change orders and dispositions if the divorce has already taken place.

In addition, we take, prove and register all divorce proceedings whether it be the case: when the parties consent to divorce, in complex divorce cases where the parties do not agree, in the event that you have problems that are difficult to resolve or if the parties cannot agree, we have a lot to offer you.

Sometimes, and if it is to our client’s advantage, we often resort to negotiations and we manage to solve the problem easily. In some cases, urgent or proactive measures must be taken in order to bring a complaint before the Court. In such circumstances, we must act quickly and decisively using a tight plan of action to achieve the best possible result.

In case you were in a turbulent phase of your life, and you were unsure how to proceed, we can also help you decide if there are other avenues to take. These avenues may include mediation, where you and your partner can come to an agreement about the steps you need to take.

In addition, you can also proceed by proxy without having to travel to Egypt in person if your permanent residence is in another country.

Over the years, our family law team has won hundreds of the toughest and most complicated divorce cases in Egypt.

It is therefore crucial, in complex divorce cases, to provide a competent lawyer who knows how to find the important details surrounding your case, which is why the hard work of all lawyers, paralegals and support staff at Cabinet ALZAYAT lawyers always translates into positive results especially in family law and divorce lawsuits.

Our team, with its years of experience, within the ALZAYAT Law Firm, will guide you through the complex process of division of marital assets, even for systems not made in Egypt while advising you on the application of decisions of foreign courts to your advantage.

Our team of lawyers is highly skilled in sponsoring and understanding divorce cases, national and international, and always ready to help you.

Our specialist lawyers have extensive experience in handling disputes of this nature and are classified in The Legal 500  et  Global Law Expert  as the best experts in this field.

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