Foster Care/Kafala in Egypt

Foster Care/Kafala in Egypt, Whenever a child is found without parents willing to parent and take care of him. There is a system inspired by the Islamic Sharia ’a known as the “Kafala” system. Which is different from “adoption” simply in the way where if the child has known biological parents, he should remain related to them, even if they never meet. Additionally, the child cannot inherit by the power of law, but by a written will from the parents.

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Understanding Private Foster-Care Choices

Many families choose private foster care for diverse reasons. Whether influenced by pro-life affiliations, unexpected tragedies, or a divine calling to care for an orphan, the journey to fostering is unique.

ALZAYAT’s Support in Your Foster-Care Journey

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Unpacking ‘Kafala’: A Foster-Care System

‘Kafala’ shines as a beacon for families eager to extend their love to an additional member. However, the journey, though rewarding, involves understanding a myriad of procedures, documentation, and specific conditions.

Key ‘Kafala’ Conditions to Keep in Mind

  • Religion Matters: Generally, the family’s religion should align with the child’s.
  • Egyptian Link: At least one spouse should be of Egyptian descent.
  • Marriage Essentials: The process mainly recognizes married couples.
  • Vetting Process: Relevant authorities will review the couple’s moral and social standing.
  • Age and Relationship Tenure: Adoptive parents should fall between 25-60 years of age and should have been married for a minimum of three years.

Why Choose ALZAYAT International Law Firm?

Our specialized team, based in Cairo, Egypt, is adept in the nuances of the Kafala system. Moreover, our established connections with government entities make us adept at navigating both standard and unique situations.

In Conclusion

The path to Kafala is filled with emotions, procedures, and joy. With ALZAYAT International Law Firm by your side, this journey becomes more manageable, ensuring the moment you welcome your new family member is as joyous as it should be.

ALZAYAT International Law Firm is specialized in foster-care and “Kafala” matters both nationally and internationally.

We will help you by providing the following services for Foster Care/Kafala:

  • Provide adoptive parents with an explanation of the entire adoption process
  • Work with adoptive parents to develop a legal plan that fits their adoption situation
  • Work with other adoption attorneys across state lines and internationally
  • Inform the adoptive parents of all fees related to adoption and ensure that these fees are legal
  • Work with the adoption agency, if applicable, to determine enforcement of the rights of adoptive parents and complete the termination of parental rights by birth.
  • Review all contracts and legal documents related to adoption
  • Create other legal documents, such as open adoption arrangements and the final place of the child

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