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The International inheritance  lawyers  at  AlZayat  International  Law  Firm  are  among  the  elite  category, as  the  nature  of  their  work  compels  them  to  deal  permanently  in  all  branches  of  law  with the  permanent  assistance  of  lawyers  from  other  legal  departments  in  the  company . The  company’s  partners  are  forming  the  inheritance  department  in our  firm  as we  make  sure  that  the  inheritance  lawyers  in  Egypt  or any of   other country  of  our  practicing  countries  are  the best  inheritance lawyers  among  their  peers  .

By their nature, disputes over Wills, Trusts and Inheritance often occur at times of emotional vulnerability and distress. Bringing or defending such claims is especially demanding and can become acrimonious and fraught very quickly as  Inheritance law is one of our main concerns at Alzayat law firm. Which consists mainly of will and inheritance, which our team is an expert in, Especially matters of inheritance law that are of an international nature.

Seeking expert legal advice at an early stage to help resolve matters can therefore be crucial and can potentially avoid litigation and costly court proceedings, contact us now Best inheritance lawyers are here to help.

inheritance lawyers

alzayat international law firm is one of the few major law firms with a sophisticated worldwide Private Clients practice. Our unparalleled global resources allow us to provide one-stop, comprehensive service to meet all of our clients’ needs, wherever in the world their assets or family members may be. They also make us uniquely qualified to handle complex, multijurisdictional disputes, that is why our clients have selected us to handle some of the largest cases in this field, Our specialist Wills, Trusts and Inheritance Disputes lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with disputes of this nature and are ranked in  The Legal 500  ,  and  Global Law Expert  as best experts in this field.

We act for trustees, executors, personal representatives, protectors, beneficiaries, charities and for individuals in a wide range of disputes involving estates, trusts and land.

Inheritance law:

The law of inheritance is basically concerned with the transfer of property, as vested in a person at his death, to another person or persons. When a person dies, his assets pass by inheritance to people qualified to inherit the deceased. The rules of the law of inheritance determine who the qualified person or persons are and it also establishes the scope of the benefits. [Inheritance law concerns mainly transfer of property, as vested in a person at his decease, to another person(s). determining the rightful heirs as well as the exact shares of each of them is determined by the rules of inheritance law.

Inheritance law is one of our main concerns at ALZAYAT international  Law Firm. It consists mainly of will and inheritance, which our team of lawyers is an expert in especially the matters of inheritance law that are of an international nature, we assist high net worth individuals and families worldwide with the accumulation, management, transfer and protection of personal wealth. We are a recognized leader in the fields of trusts and estates and estate litigation, representing many of the world’s leading families, executives and corporate fiduciaries.

Navigating international inheritance Rules

Dealing with inheritance law across borders can be tricky. The main challenge? Figuring out which country’s rules and courts should handle the sharing of a person’s wealth after they pass away.

This puzzle pops up especially when a person’s wealth is spread over many countries with different rules. It’s even more complicated if the person had more than one citizenship or lived in another country.

Each country’s rules aim to solve this puzzle. They decide which country’s laws and courts should step in. When a country says how the wealth should be shared, they pick a set of rules based on certain factors. It’s key to note: these rules don’t really care about the nationality of those who will get the wealth.

For instance, countries like Egypt (under Article 17 of its rules) and France look at the nationality of the person who passed away. After picking which country’s rules should apply, they then decide on the right authority. But in places like Switzerland, it’s more about where the person lived last. This can make a big difference for those waiting to get their share. Want more insights? Check out this link.

Nationality and international inheritance: A Complex Relationship

Many judicial systems view a person’s nationality as their primary trait. This emphasis on nationality often dictates inheritance rules, even though inheritance is deeply personal.

Dual Nationality: A Challenge in Inheritance Matters

However, dual or multiple nationalities introduce challenges. In these situations, the applicable law often ties to where the deceased worked or lived the most.

Common Law Systems and Their Approach

Countries like the US, Romania, and Switzerland, with common law systems, determine inheritance laws based on the deceased’s last known residence. Additionally, the location of the property, especially real estate, plays a crucial role. Most places dictate that real estate inheritance follows the laws of the property’s location.

The Global Norms Bringing Order

Different legal systems might have their approaches, but some global standards help bring order to international inheritance, contact us now to know more.

Get Expert Assistance

Whether you’re an Egyptian living abroad, a foreigner in Egypt, or someone with dual nationalities, the ALZAYAT Law Firm stands ready to assist. We help heirs navigate the inheritance process and secure the necessary certificates.

Estate Planning with ALZAYAT Law Firm

Besides inheritance, our firm excels in estate planning. We aim to cut down estate taxes and ensure your family’s financial well-being. We can draft wills that comply with Islamic Sharia principles, facilitating smooth asset transfers. And if you wish to gift property after your passing, we can make that happen.

Resolving Disputes

If heirs can’t agree, our team can step in, offering both mediation and litigation. We’ll choose the best approach for resolution. For all contract-related matters, from pre-emption to situations involving unregistered property purchases, our team is here to help.

collect your Inheritance Act Now

Our inheritance Law team of lawyers advise and represent the national as well as the foreign heirs to safeguard their inheritance rights and represent them vis-à-vis co-heirs as they have a big win record in plenty of the most hard and complicated cases.

We are always here to help you through those hard times, please don’t hesitate to reach out for us for any further inquiries contact us.