Physical injury cases

Physical injury cases,The Egyptian Civil Code regulates tort liability for damages to third parties in Articles 163 to 178. The Liability either be of personal act, which is regulated in Articles 163 to 172, or liability for others’ act which is regulated in Articles 173 to 175 and liability for damages of things that has to be guarded regulated in Articles 176 to 178. According to the Law, the damaged party of the aforementioned liabilities are entitled for compensation.

Moreover, Article 221 regulated the way of determining the proper compensation as follows “1- If the amount of damages is not determined by the contract or by a law provision, the judge shall determine it, it includes the loss suffered by the creditor and the gain missed by him, provided that this is a natural consequence of the non-performance of the obligation or the late performance, the prejudice is deemed to be a natural consequence if it has not been possible for the creditor to prevent it by the exercise of a reasonable effort.

Moral damages are also subject to compensation according to Article 222, which determines who has the right to claim compensation as it is not admissible to award damages except to spouses or relatives until the second degree as for the pain suffered by them from the death of the injured person.

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