Physical injury cases

Physical injury cases, The Egyptian Civil Code regulates tort liability for damages to third parties in Articles 163 to 178. The Liability either be of personal act, which is regulated in Articles 163 to 172, or liability for others’ act which is regulated in Articles 173 to 175 and liability for damages of things that has to be guarded regulated in Articles 176 to 178. According to the Law, the damaged party of the aforementioned liabilities are entitled for compensation.

Know Your Rights: Physical injury Compensation and Moral Damages

Understanding legal provisions after an incident can feel overwhelming. For instance, Article 221 clearly states how to calculate compensation when not defined in contracts or legal provisions. In such cases, judges determine the loss amount. They consider both actual damages and missed opportunities due to the obligation’s non-performance or delay. Compensation applies when damage is expected, and it could not be avoided by reasonable measures.

Article 222 speaks to moral damages. It’s more than monetary loss. It focuses on the emotional and psychological pain, especially after a loved one’s death. However, only spouses or relatives up to the second degree can claim such compensation, contact us now best lawyers in Egypt are here to help.

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