Premarital agreements

A prenuptial agreement can be used to protect the property rights of each spouse in any marriage. Such agreements are particularly useful for Egyptian marriages as they create a marriage contract that reflects their culture and religious faith. Egyptian marriage traditions often include the exchange of valuable gifts and lavish ceremonies. According to the Egyptian law provisions, most of these gifts would be considered marital property, making them recoverable in the event of a divorce.

Why Prenuptial Agreements Matter in Egyptian Marriages

Bridging Tradition and Practicality
Marriage, across cultures, stands as a celebrated union. For Egyptians, this union brings together not just two people but also customs, assets, and religious beliefs. Amid these cherished traditions, the prenuptial agreement emerges as a modern tool. It protects individual property rights while respecting time-honored customs.

Gifts in Marriages: More than Just Presents
Weddings in Egypt often involve the exchange of valuable gifts, such as jewelry or property. But what happens to these gifts if the marriage ends? Egyptian law typically sees them as marital property. Without a prenuptial agreement, these gifts could become a point of contention during a divorce.

Understanding the Mehr: More than a Dowry
The “mehr” or Islamic dowry holds special significance in Egyptian weddings. The groom offers it as a sign of his commitment. But beyond its symbolic meaning, the mehr often carries substantial value. A prenuptial agreement can ensure that this dowry remains honored, no matter where the marriage journey leads.

The Role of Prenuptial Agreements
Love and trust serve as the foundation of marriages. In Egypt, a prenuptial agreement adds an extra layer of security. It protects individual rights and also respects the unique aspects of Egyptian weddings.

While love forms the heart of marriages, prenuptial agreements provide peace of mind. In Egyptian context, they offer a blend of tradition and security, making marital journeys smoother, contact us now.

Premarital agreements in Egypt

At ALZAYAT Law Firm, we encourage our clients to discuss their marriage plans with their scholars. With our knowledge of Egyptian and non-Egyptian laws and our sensitivity to the needs of couples who are willing to marry, we will then go to work in drafting a prenuptial agreement that can:

  • Allow for the recoupment of wedding costs and gifts;
  • Create an enforceable Marriage contract;
  • Define certain property as non-marital;
  • Protect family assets and business interests; and
  • Address or completely waive the right to spousal support.

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