Top Tier law firms in Egypt

Top Tier law firms in Egypt

One of the Top Tier law firms in Egypt has numerous lawyers who can assist you with practically any legal problem. Some are outstanding, while others fall short. We’ve compiled a list of Egypt’s top lawyers and law firms based on client satisfaction, track records, value for money, legal knowledge, expertise, and capability. So, without further ado, have a look at Egypt’s greatest lawyers and law firms below and, if you’d like to share your thoughts with us, leave a comment.

Eldib & Company

Top Tier law firms

Top Tier law firms

One of the Top Tier law firms in Egypt,  Eldib & Co is a fantastic law practice that specializes in a wide range of legal topics, including copyright, criminal law, corporate law, commercial law, and even litigation and arbitration. Eldib can trace its roots all the way back to 1875, which means they’ve seen everything.

Their recent track record is really outstanding, as their talented attorneys continue to achieve positive outcomes for their clients. In fact, client satisfaction is higher than it is for almost all the other legal firms in our poll.

Despite the fact that Eldib has been established for a long time, one customer stated that “they’ve certainly not lost their spark” because their lawyers won her a “complex” case that other law firms had discarded before Eldib took the case. Eldib charges what you’d expect from a company of this size and repute in terms of value for money, so it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Eldib & Co is a premier law company that we strongly recommend.

Mokattam is the location.

+20225100000, Facebook, and Website

Milad Iskander & Co. Maher

One of Top Tier law firms in Egypt  Milad Iskander & Co. Maher Milad Iskander is a well-known and well-respected name in the Egyptian legal sector. This firm specializes in providing integrated legal and tax services to individuals and businesses. Their attorneys are skilled, informed, and kind, and they strive to make their clients as happy as possible. The number of times Maher Milad Iskander was mentioned in our poll demonstrates how well-liked and rated this firm is. The majority of their customers were pleased with the service they received, and 86% stated they would refer them to others. Maher Milad Iskander & Co scored somewhat in the value for money area, but with a track record and reputation like theirs, they are easily one of Egypt’s greatest law firms.

  • Where: Downtown
  • Contact: +201000058151, Facebook

Helmy, Hamza & Partners

One of the Top Tier law firms in Egypt  Next on our list is a truly remarkable firm that also happens to be a member of Baker McKenzie, the world’s second-largest law company. Helmy, Hamza & Partners is Egypt’s most experienced and effective firm when it comes to high-profile mergers and acquisitions, project finance, and capital markets. This is the go-to firm for mega-deals, treaties, cases, and lawsuits, among other things. As you might expect, this business costs a lot of money for their services, but you get the best of Egypt’s lawyers in exchange. Their clientele describes them as the “most professional, no-nonsense” law firm in the area. Their good name helps them attract some of the country’s brightest young lawyers, so their future looks positive.

Top Tier law firms This company operates like a well-oiled machine, with perfect timing and excellent results. So, if you’re looking for a leading corporate, financial, or capital markets legal company, go no further. Helmy, Hamza & Partners is the David you need on your side.

  • Corniche El-Nil, Corniche El-Nil, Corniche El-Nil, Corn
  • Website: +20224619301, Phone: +20224619301


One of the Top Tier law firms in Egypt  Despite the fact that Tahoun is not as ancient as some of the other law firms on this list, it managed to stand out throughout our poll. We discovered that they’ve been doing a terrific job and getting good results for their clients by looking at their recent instances. We found a very attractive pattern while speaking with their clients, both past and present. Their customers were not only pleased with their service; they appeared proud of it.

Tahoun’s efforts to develop a sense of pride in its customers are exceptional. Despite the fact that they are competing with a slew of other legal firms at the moment, Tahoun appears to be on the verge of a breakthrough success story. Their attorneys are competent, experienced, and eager to assist you. Tahoun offers good value for money, as seen by their reasonable prices when compared to their success rate.

  • Smart Village is the location.
  • +20235371717, Facebook, and Website

Shalakany Law Office is a law firm based in Shalakany

Top Tier law firms

Top Tier law firms

One of Top Tier law firms in Egypt  Shalakany legal firm is next on our list. Surprisingly, this is the second company on our list to have been established over a century ago. It’s also a Lex Mundi member firm, which is a global network of top legal firms.

It’s also a Lex Mundi member firm, which is a global network of top legal firms. The fact that Shalakany is a member of the Lex Mundi network alone is a strong sign of its quality, as Lex Mundi only accepts the most experienced and competent organizations into its network. Clients are exceptionally delighted with Shalakany’s legal services, according to our study, with 80% of respondents giving only good feedback. To put that in perspective, our survey’s average “positive only” response rate is barely 30%. The cost may be slightly higher than other law firms in terms of value for money, but according to our poll findings, it is absolutely worth it in our opinion.

Contact: +20227288888, Facebook, Website, Zamalek

Youssry Saleh & Associates

One of the Top Tier law firms in Egypt  With over 30 years of experience, Youssry Saleh Law Firm has built a solid reputation that continues to grow. They claim to be a full-service law practice in terms of competencies, although many in the field believe their strength is in commercial and business law. According to our research, their lawyers are knowledgeable in their fields and go above and beyond for their clients. Their current track record is excellent, and many of their clients have commented that this organization consistently delivers excellent outcomes in a timely manner.

Top Tier law firms While this firm isn’t as old as some others on this list, there’s no doubt that if they keep up their high level of service and commitment to their clientele, they’ll find themselves rising in the ranks.

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