Is bank robbery a felony? AND What are the terms of the felony?

Is bank robbery a felony? It may be with the intent to steal, or it may be to commit a felony. We generally find that everyone who stole a section of a building, whether internally or externally—or opening a door, window, or any other thing thereof, whether by opening the lock or by breaking the door, window, something, or corridor, by pulling it, pushing it, or by any other method, is considered to be burglary against the building.

Is bank robbery a felony?

In common law, burglary is defined as the taking of other property with the intent to deprive a person of that property permanently by force or fear.

It is a crime that the laws of countries have different definitions of. The meaning of burglary applies to the offense when a person enters the home or workplace of another person without permission to commit a serious crime.

Many people confuse burglary and theft, as there is a big difference between them; The criminal commits the crime of theft by taking something from another person by force, threat, or violence. As for the criminal who commits the offense of burglary, he enters the house or building to steal or commit another crime. This happens on the part of the criminal without contact with anyone inside, and accordingly, the criminal robs people and robs homes. Robbery is a serious crime punishable by law. It is said that a person who trespasses on places commits the offense of burglary if he manages to enter them in any way.

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Conditions and elements of the burglary felony

Is bank robbery a felony?

Is bank robbery a felony?

  1. Is bank robbery a felony? It took place at night and night, as we know that it is an aggravating circumstance because it is in silence, slow security movement, easy hiding of the thief, difficulty in arresting him, and darkness. All of these things make the night an aggravating circumstance.
  2. Or the incident was from two or more people who did not stop at night but said of two or more people, multiple offenders, another aggravating circumstance that pushes the victim to sit still for fear of numerous offenders and enables them to harm him if he tries to resist
  3. The presence of a weapon with the perpetrators, or at least with one of them, is another aggravating circumstance that makes the victim and even the police not reckless in attacking because the armed criminal is ready for anything and must be dealt with carefully, so how about the victim who is in the middle of the problem and under the hands of the offender.
  4. The fence of the house, breaking one of the windows, or forging keys to enter, indicates the practice of these criminals and their habitualness in this way and their failure to leave anything that might happen, which gives the victim and the police who interferes with extreme caution in dealing with them, or that they impersonate officers or present their cards. For employees in the state, for example, a representative agent, an officer, a police rank, or an official in the executive authority in the neighborhood, for example, etc.
  5. They commit the crime by threatening to use the weapons they have with them, which intimidates those in the place and paralyzes their movement and thinking about finding a way to preserve the stolen money or prevent criminals From carrying out their plans or coercion.

The crime of war in Islamic law

Bank felony is blocking the road or is the grand theft. And the crime of partisanship, even if it is called grand theft, is not wholly compatible with theft.

The main element of theft is taking the money.

And the component of Is bank robbery a felony? He went out to make money, whether he took money or not. The thief is considered a thief if he takes the capital secretly. As for the warrior, he is regarded as a warrior in the following cases:

  1. The first: If he went out to make money by way of extortion, then he was afraid of the way and did not take the money and did not kill anyone.
  2. The second: If he went out to take the money as a way of extortion, then he took the money and did not kill anyone.
  3. The third: If he went out to make money as a way of extortion, then he was killed and did not take money.
  4. Fourth: If he goes out to take the money as a way of extortion, then he takes the money and is killed.

Psychology opinion

Is bank robbery a felony?

Is bank robbery a felony?

The weakness of religious conviction in him turns the criminal from the attacker’s personality to the personality of his defender the moment the owner of the house sees him, either under the illusion that he is evading justice or that he is getting rid of the person he knew.

The environment and climate in which the criminal lives. An impact on his personality, economic conditions, and unemployment caused the emergence of criminal figures. There is an important matter which is the problems of incompatibility and self-acceptance that make the individual not accepting of himself or accepting of others, either he feels that he is oppressed and that everything in front of him belongs to him, or that he is better and better than others. How can it be less than them?

Several conditions for burglary are required in light of the previous definition:

Is bank robbery a felony?

Is bank robbery a felony?

Entry to a section of the building The offender’s access to the victim’s building by any illegal means is considered one of the elements of the crime of burglary. The offense is not valid without it, and whether this entry is to an internal section: entering the bedrooms or the kitchen, or external: such as entering the yard or balcony. It is considered burglary for the offender to enter the building by threatening the building owner, his servant, or whoever lives with him, by using deception, or by conspiracy with any person in it, or if he enters the chimney of that building.

A place to achieve its purpose. As for the fracture, it is performed by the offender using any means of violence to open an entrance hall prepared for closure.

If the offender enters the building or part of his body or the equipment he uses, the offender may insert his hand through the house windows and meet the money subject of the theft. Commercial, the legislative, or does not stipulate that the offender enters his whole offeror to be considered a robbery of the building.

Burglary with intent to commit a felony does not necessarily require the offender to rob the buildings to steal from them.

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