All you need to know about Property licenses

Overview about property licenses: Supporting and developing the software industry is one of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology priorities through spreading and increasing social awareness about property licenses issues. This objective entails reforming the copyright law, which saw the inclusion of a new law on the Protection of intellectual property rights in June 2002.

Property licenses

The Information Technology Industry Development Agency established the Office for the Protection of property licenses Rights to enable changes in the property licenses and administer a national system for intellectual property and rights Publishing and authorship.

Since its inception, the Intellectual Property Rights Office has held many seminars, organized workshops, and training courses, which indicates the transformation of the traditional way of dealing with intellectual property in Egypt.

Protection of property licenses and copyrights of software, telecommunications, and information technology companies

Protection of property licenses

  • Due to the necessity of training, the Information Technology Industry Development Agency provided advanced training courses for 1960 judges representing various state courts and 1,013 public prosecutors.
  • Their training aims to introduce proper procedures to ensure the maximum extent of law enforcement. The Authority also provided additional courses for more than 258 law enforcement officers from all over the country to ensure their full knowledge of the technical aspects related to law enforcement.
  • The Authority works closely with the Ministry of Culture to strengthen the Literary and Artistic Property Protection Law by launching campaigns designed to raise awareness of intellectual property rights and their role in sustaining economic growth and attracting foreign direct investment. The movements were designed and implemented in close cooperation with government agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), including the Egyptian Center for property licenses (ECIPT) and multinational companies specialized in the same fields, such as Microsoft and Autodesk, and others.
  • Services, Activities, and Practices of property licenses Rights Protection Office – Information Technology Industry Development Authority
  • Deposit and registration services for computer program works and databases and the issuance of their certificates.
  • Issuing licenses to practice the activity for companies, agencies and establishments specialized in trading computer program works and databases in all their forms and forms and issuing permits for Internet cafes and PlayStations.
  • Recording the incoming actions on computer software workbooks and databases, registering licensing contracts, or exploiting the software in any form
  • Issuing licenses for copying, selling, and trading computer software and database works.
  • Inspect all companies, agencies, Internet cafes, and establishments about the Protection of computer program works and databases.
  • We provide technical expertise to prosecutors and courts on software and databases of all shapes and sizes.

International awards and certificates

Property licenses

Property licenses

The Office of Intellectual Property Rights has obtained many of them, including the ISO 9001:2008 certificate for the quality of intellectual property services and the application of comprehensive quality standards issued by the International Organization for Standardization ISO, based in Geneva in Switzerland. And it was ranked second at the state level as the best government outlet that provides services to the public in 2009.

Facts about the property license Protection Office

The Office for the Protection of property licenses at the Information Technology Industry Development Authority applies the provisions of Law No. 82 of 2002 regarding the Protection of intellectual property rights and its executive regulations issued by the Prime Minister’s decisions No. 497 of 2005 and 2202 of 2006 and the conclusion of the Minister of Communications and Information Technology No. 107 of 2005 and the periodic book No. 11 of 2007 issued by the Attorney General, Attorney General, regarding the Protection of computer program works and databases.

History of property licenses Rights

The intellectual property launched issuing a license to practice activities through its electronic portal. The mechanism was shortened in 4 steps to facilitate the procedure and expedite the completion of work to achieve the purpose of the service, as well as announcing the terms of temporary licensing of agents registered in the Authority’s records before the date of the ninth of November 2020 To achieve the desired vision and goals, and the Authority’s mission towards enhancing the competitiveness of the Saudi national economy.

The Authority made it clear that it is working to organize, develop, develop and provide support for areas of intellectual property in the Kingdom, as well as work to protect, sponsor, upgrade and enforce it, similar to the best global experiences in this regard, by preparing the national strategy and setting timelines and action plans in coordination With the relevant authorities, raising awareness of its importance and registering rights, and recently, the service of issuing licenses for intellectual property activities was made available.

Issuance of licenses to engage in property licenses

Property licenses

Property licenses

  • The property licenses portal has set several requirements before entering the service link for issuing a permit to conduct activities, which can be viewed from the points attached below.
  • The applicant for a temporary license must be registered in the Authority’s records in advance.
  • The legal papers of the license applicant must be good effect and correct.
  • To be a Saudi national, whether an individual or the owner of an institution, a law firm, a company and be a permanent resident in the Kingdom.
  • The license applicant should not be a government employee.
  • We are obtaining the required qualification, at least a bachelor’s degree in one of the majors, engineering, science, law or regulations, and any other specializations determined by the Authority for admission.
  • The qualification must be from a Saudi university or its equivalent, according to the rules and regulations in which he works.
  • The presence of registered and active applications during the last three years.
  • Determine the topics that the agent wishes to practice.

At the end of the article, we mentioned all about property licenses, an overview, the law of property, and the history of permits property. We hope it is helpful to you.

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