Real estate in Switzerland and all the details

Buying real estate in Switzerland is one of the things that investors and those wishing to obtain permanent residence in the country are looking for. 

However, this matter can be reached in the end thanks to the use of the information available through this article; we will discuss all the information that will benefit you on this topic.

Real estate in Switzerland

if you want to buy real estate in Switzerland, you should pay attention to factors that affect the purchase process.

 The most important of which is the significant increase in prices within the country, and this process may need a considerable time that may reach a whole year.

 And a permit must be obtained by the Swiss market before completing the purchase, and other things must be taken into account for the purchase transaction to be successful.

Switzerland allows foreigners to purchase real estate within the tourist areas only, as the foreign person cannot obtain real estate in the capital, for example, or any of the other famous Swiss cities, but only in the ski areas and areas designated for tourism.

Conditions for buying real estate in Switzerland

Real estate in Switzerland

Real estate in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the problematic European countries to buy real estate in, as the Swiss government sets a set of conditions for foreigners wishing to obtain real estate inside it, and among the requirements that must be met by people wanting to buy real estate inside the country are as follows:

  • The person responsible for buying the property in Switzerland must be affiliated with the European Union countries or even the members of the European Trade Association.
  • Obtaining a residence permit within the country or even from residents inside it so that he can buy real estate without complications.
  • Those wishing to purchase real estate within the country must also obtain a C license, which enables them to buy real estate within the country.
  • For non-residents of Switzerland who wish to obtain property must receive a C-license, including those affiliated with diplomatic missions, workers within the country for a short time, and others.

Real estate prices in Switzerland

Among the things that must be considered when planning to invest in Switzerland and buy real estate is real estate prices in Switzerland. Of course, real estate prices differ from one city to another, and rental real estate prices may also increase or decrease in some cities within the country.

 It should be noted that the price per square meter in the city center can exceed 11,000 Swiss francs, and outside the cities, the price per square meter can reach 8,000 Swiss francs.

Accordingly, the investor must determine the type of property he wants to buy and know the real estate prices in Switzerland or the region in which he wants to buy, which will facilitate many things for investors or those wishing to obtain permanent residence by buying real estate inside the country.

Permanent residence through the purchase of a real estate in Switzerland

Some young people may want to obtain residency in Switzerland by buying a property, as it is considered among the easy ways to get a wide range of significant advantages, which are as follows:

  • The ability to move between European countries without the need for a visa.
  • This country is also among the European countries that enjoy great freedom and security, so it is an ideal destination for retirees and wealthy families.
  • Get an excellent opportunity to invest in real estate inside the country and then reap more profits.
  • The country also offers an excellent standard of living and education alike.

Legal stages of buying a property in Switzerland

Real estate in Switzerland

Real estate in Switzerland

For the investor to obtain the right property in Switzerland, he must first seek the assistance of a lawyer or a trusted real estate representative,

provided that negotiations are conducted with the buyer to obtain the property. After completing all the work related to examining the property and its papers, it is necessary to obtain  The license must be obtained through reviewing the supervisory authority or the registration office alike. The purchase process must include a set of steps, which are as follows:

Stage of signing the purchase contract:

  • The investor must obtain residency and be type B.
  • Keeping the balance of the buyer in the bank.
  • Work on the official transfer of the title deed.
  • Registering the change of ownership of the property.
  • Ensure that all steps are done legally.

Pay the costs of the purchase process, which are as follows:

  • Stamp and stamp fees represent 0.10% of the property value.
  • The property registration fee represents 0.15% of the property value.
  • In addition to the fees for the real estate agent, which range from 3 to 5%.
  • And finally, the fees for the transfer of ownership.
  • In addition, the real estate agent’s fees range between 3 and 5%.
  • And finally, the fees for the transfer of ownership.
  • The buyer must examine the property in detail, whether he is an investor or wants to settle in Switzerland. According to Swiss law,
  • the seller is responsible for all problems in the building, and he must inform the buyer about them before the sale and if the building is affected. For those problems after the sale, the seller must pay the appropriate compensation to the buyer.

More details about real estate investment

Switzerland is one of the European countries that has encouraged many foreign investors to invest in it. Real estate investment and the purchase of the real estate in Switzerland are among the country’s most popular forms of investment.


We hope that we have provided all the essential information that those wishing to buy real estate in Switzerland are looking for, what are the prices of real estate in terms of buying or renting within the country, as well as the advantages that the investor can obtain when purchasing real estate in Switzerland.

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