Administrative Contracts

Administrative contracts have evolved in Egypt. Historically, the Egyptian legal system leaned on the French Civil Code (Code Napoleon). This code defined human rights, contracts, and obligations. Initially, all contracts, including state contracts, fell under this code.

Evolution of Egypt’s Administrative Contracts

Historically, the Egyptian legal system took cues from the French Civil Code (Code Napoleon). This influential code set the groundwork for human rights, contracts, and obligations. However, a turning point emerged. As the state’s role expanded, it became evident that specialized rules for administrative contracts were necessary .contact us now best lawyers in Egypt are here to help you.

Modernizing Administrative Contracts: The 2018 Law

In 2018, Egypt saw a significant shift. Law no. 281, effective from October 3, 2018, aimed to:

  • Streamline planning and execution for public contracts.
  • Modernize sales and purchasing methods.
  • Tighten control over public funds.
  • Enhance principles like transparency and competition.
  • Curtail fraud and corruption.
  • Introduce tech-driven management approaches.

Following this change, Egypt witnessed a boom. The government engaged in numerous collaborations with both local and global companies. Consequently, the subsequent five years reflected remarkable progress.reach out for us.

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Interestingly, 2017 marked a new era. The Importer Register Law (Act No. 7 of 2017) liberalized the Egyptian market. Foreign stakeholders can now hold significant shares in trading entities. Our team is poised to guide through the maze of permits and registrations.

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